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  • to Hate

    to Hate

    to Hate your infinite ends won’t bend me your beginnings, my departures your means don’t concern what i need to learn you haven’t earned my esteem, nameless and aimless with your anger you won’t rain in my brain you’ll evaporate in delight of sunlight

  • Return to the Light

    Return to the Light

    Winter holy days are meant to feel like a return to lightness and hope. If you dread the approach of holiday festivities, give yourself permission NOT to participate, Give yourself space to create something new that nourishes your soul.

  • What

    What the mirror reflects a broken sculpture mended with sticky memories. i see it’s wrong no, it’s right no, it’s just light.

  • Bend in the Road

    Bend in the Road i am a light beam. my curve is sculpted by the gravity of memory.

  • it’s all *ss Backwards

    it’s all *ss Backwards the hero is a greedy killer of light at the front of the parade, giving speeches about right to mask his charade. the lover is a fool with feelings shoved to a dark alleyway, where she talks of healing but never gets play.

  • to the Dance

    to the Dance while we love imperfectly Earth and Moon dance, trading at reflecting light. the far side of Moon hides.

  • Note Where to Put It

    Note Where to Put It out of my way in the light of day to grow or die without the lie