to Truth i never met you. i didn’t want to know you. you live in an unmarked grave. i can’t save you now.

Perpetuity a woman needs a man for a one-night stand. anything else she is told is an old tactic to make it seem like it’s the other way around.

to Deflect i look for me in the dark night. what do i see? a fire. a liar burns, twists and turns in the light, points and screams shame, tells me i’m the same. i turned the lock. don’t knock. don’t promise a better day. run away.

Meaning Silence Freedom to fill the void with answers, while imprisoned in an unspoken lie hiding in place without a face.

to do speak ill speak truth speak wise obstruct lies use time chime with nature

to Owl Persistent Rooster pervades the morning, warning of a lie. Cicadas sing, asking: why? Give a hoot for me. Tuck my dreams under your wing, while you sleep the day away.

Pretend Friend i’m not your task. i didn’t ask for advice. yours isn’t nice, your life rife with whys and lies. go away. i’m not gonna make your day.

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