Tag: lies

  • to Truth

    to Truth i never met you. i didn’t want to know you. you live in an unmarked grave. i can’t save you now.

  • Perpetuity

    Perpetuity a woman needs a man for a one-night stand. anything else she is told is an old tactic to make it seem like it’s the other way around.

  • to Deflect

    to Deflect i look for me in the dark night. what do i see? a fire. a liar burns, twists and turns in the light, points and screams shame, tells me i’m the same. i turned the lock. don’t knock. don’t promise a better day. run away.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love Judge Jude says: be true to your self or love is a lie.

  • Court of Love

    Court of Love fake futures trading is legal but not lovable

  • Meaning Silence

    Meaning Silence Freedom to fill the void with answers, while imprisoned in an unspoken lie hiding in place without a face.

  • Pants on Fire

  • To Do

    to do speak ill speak truth speak wise obstruct lies use time chime with nature

  • Pretend Friend

    Pretend Friend i’m not your task. i didn’t ask for advice. yours isn’t nice, your life rife with whys and lies. go away. i’m not gonna make your day.

  • to Dissemble

    to Dissemble you pull my plug and ring my silent bell in Hell, tell me to yield to formless fear, and feeling fraudulent, cuz i’m a tower. your hour has passed.

  • Dear Tummy

    Dear Tummy, They weren’t yummy, I know: the words Left Ear and Right Ear fed you all these years, and Brain too, but they weren’t true. You’ve been clenching miles of lies and unanswered whys, throttling feelings that Mouth refused to set free and let things be what they be. I’m sorry. You deserve a…

  • Note Where to Put It

    Note Where to Put It out of my way in the light of day to grow or die without the lie

  • Note to Rumination

    Note to Rumination no satisfaction from your distraction a one way street is just a lie no need for goodbye