Early Birds

I always thought that the expression, the early bird catches the worm, meant that if you were prepared and got up early in the morning, you would be rewarded. But now I'm wondering if it first came from the idea that the early bird, the one that breaks free first, would surely get the first worm from its mother...


Wednesday afternoon is the expected time for them to start pecking their way out of their little worlds into the bigger, badder world waiting for them. I know first hand now what it means to say, 'don't count your chickens before they hatch.'

Incubator Ignorance

I received a free electric candling device with my new incubator. It's supposed help me determine what's really going on between me and my eggs. Here's to hoping that the eggs will reveal their true intentions, and our relationship will remain on good terms.

Today’s the Day

Eight to ten weeks after that we will start eating our own organic chicken meat and I will finally feel like our rooster is earning his keep around here!

Getting to Know my Incubator

Now, at around noon I seem to have attained the ideal conditions for a lasting relationship. So now my plan is to get on more intimate terms with my incubator while collecting the best looking eggs from my hens for the next couple of days.

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