Tag: freedom

  • to belong

    to belong

    i know i go i flow i see i free i me part of whole a soul

  • eventually


    eventually i wake up with me i see what each kept close while threatening who i be i’m free

  • to Freedom

    to Freedom

    i sleep now
anxious dreams 
of losing you

i’m not flirting 

you are home 

i’ll defend you 
til death do us part

  • Perpetuity

    Perpetuity a woman needs a man for a one-night stand. anything else she is told is an old tactic to make it seem like it’s the other way around.

  • The Mill

  • Beware the Preacher

    Beware the Preacher your prison bars wilt with our Guilt. nothing’s the same without Shame. where you gonna point now that we’re gone? how you gonna get along?

  • Meaning Silence

    Meaning Silence Freedom to fill the void with answers, while imprisoned in an unspoken lie hiding in place without a face.

  • to Matriarchy

    to Matriarchy i look forward to my non-existence being the fruit of my orchard, a taste, sweet and juicy, on un-kissed lips, shaping words of Love and Freedom.

  • to Jaw

    to Jaw Your hinges screech for un-cried tears; they strain against the irons of fear, answers to rhetorical questions. You have freedom of speech if you dare. I’ll change my game, but take care; the world’s the same.

  • to be me

    to be me i thought i wasn’t free to think, so i wasn’t. some thing, changed everything. but it was just one more thing.

  • the Legistlator

    the Legislator Someone check for a heart beat. He’s in that sweet spot: hot to cut a raw deal cuz he feels that his demands are for her hands to hold. She was sold long ago, and never freed. Indeed.

  • Why? Because

    Why? Because Why am i blessed with wealth and health, comfortable in the skin i’m in, at home where i roam, free? what does World want with me? Because, i would like to know how it got decided and so lopsided.

  • Note to Hero

    Note to Hero i robbed my solitude in the light of day surrendered my right to say i am me i am free dread climbed into my bed when i sighed you took me for a ride

  • Note from the Other Side

    Note from the Other Side a faithful man believes in equality trusts his wife wants to see her fly free to be who she is

  • Note to Wave

    Note to Wave Liberty is a Lady smiling inspiring desiring Feeling Free