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  • alternative to

    alternative to

    alternative to Fungi and Flora had symbiotic interchange when People came. Flowers before pharmacies. They gave us Tradition.

  • Aren’t We Natural?

    Aren’t We Natural? Do flies ask why corpses stare at sky while flowers feed on flowing blood? Greed floods the plain. We remain the same, destruction our game; we are the flame and the ash, food for the fruit tree, honey from the bee.

  • Love Note

    Love Note we speak cell to cell. we absorb each other through our skin. we are a flower always unfurling always reaching for heaven.

  • Spring Harvest

    Spring Harvest

    I don’t know why but growing food works as eye candy too.

  • Western Light

    muscle structure mulch fertilizer seeds rain wind flowers food fragrance light life

  • Cat Delivers Important Message

    it’s pointless to resist the wisdom of beauty

  • Blooming Clematis

    Blooming Clematis

    When you have this many clematis blooming at the same time, you know that you’re garden isn’t a baby garden anymore.

  • Mobile Gardening

    Mobile Gardening

    I’ve been weeding and carting and rolling and raking and hoeing too…

  • No Such Thing as Quiet

    No Such Thing as Quiet

    When I shot this video there was wind, and crows calling, and an airplane flying overhead that sounds a little like a Jimi Hendrix slide accompanying the nearby wind chimes while the flowers do their dance….

  • Spring Flowers

    Food comes from flowers, reason enough to love them. It is no superficial relationship that we have with these beauties. But beauty helps doesn’t it?