Tag: feelings

  • i sew

    i sew

    i sew a seam to a dream. wind whips my feelings flaps my flag. shedding tears, i’m still here with a hitch and a stitch.

  • This Mess

    This Mess

    This Mess is undressed: i choke; you joke that i’m repressed. i am free feminine fury a flurry of feeling feeding a flower of fire. What’s your desire?

  • Dear Tummy

    Dear Tummy, They weren’t yummy, I know: the words Left Ear and Right Ear fed you all these years, and Brain too, but they weren’t true. You’ve been clenching miles of lies and unanswered whys, throttling feelings that Mouth refused to set free and let things be what they be. I’m sorry. You deserve a…

  • Present Tense Noted

    Present Tense Noted There’s no gain in holding pain. Memories living in your head should be Dead. Thoughts and oughts aren’t Real. How You Feel is Now.

  • Note to Me

    Note to Me Listening to live music Laughing with people: Remember when you Felt this way right now.

  • Note for Tomorrow

    Have a clear head. Don’t go to bed angry. Let Love be my guide. Don’t hide my feelings. What will be will be. It’s not for me to say or to see.