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  • In Search of Tahini

    In my travels I have turned to middle eastern shops, when available, for a nutritious and reasonably priced meal. But in all the time that I have been here I never knew about Pita House, both a middle eastern market and restaurant! There’s a sign on the door that says cash or check only, and…

  • Even More Ways to Preserve Eggplant

    Even More Ways to Preserve Eggplant

    I decided to do two things with the eggplants: prepare some to be pureed, and some to be frozen in cubes. I pulled out all of my cookie sheets and turned on both my ovens.

  • What to do with that eggplant…

    We have an abundance of eggplant in our garden right now and were trying to give some away. But most of our friends ask us what they are supposed to do with eggplant, which they apparently don’t usually purchase in the grocery store. So, for our friends, and others who might be offered bounty from…

  • Eggplant Season

    Eggplant Season

    To make eggplant parmesan I layer the fried eggplant slices with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and either turkey bacon or turkey breakfast sausage.

  • Freezing Vegetables for Virgins

    Sometimes there are too many veggies to cook all at once. Greens come to mind. I never blanche my greens, though. May my foremothers slap my wrists if they want to, but they taste just fine with their enzymes to me. I

  • Smothered Eggplant a New Southern Classic

    Most southerners I meet have never cooked an eggplant, even if they have heard of one (not common.) But if they made it like this, with their favorite biscuit gravy recipe, then eggplant would become a new southern classic I am sure! Another thing I have now done with eggplant is to make a stuffing,…