to Owl Persistent Rooster pervades the morning, warning of a lie. Cicadas sing, asking: why? Give a hoot for me. Tuck my dreams under your wing, while you sleep the day away.

to Mr. Mean You’re deaf to your shrunken heart. Your skill is to kill joy. Your art is to break a boy’s toys and smother his sunken dreams. You look after your things and hear only your drunken song. You make a minute seem an hour long.

April Moon She traverses Spring’s pregnant dreams, sets on Morning’s mystery.

Note to Horizon i hoed the road to the end. now i’m looking at you. you see me striding from a field of dreams hoe in hand.

Note to Call and Her to day differ rent as same old her wise her spreading fertile eyes her mammory beau tea hearterized proffer seas bee longing sum one said two three four more a stream a dream

The stealthy flood beat rhythmically on our sturdy roof. It lulled us in our dreams. We woke to a changed landscape.

Marvelina started dreaming only after escaping, when she started eating real food. She has some trouble at first distinguishing between what is real and what is not.

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