Tag: death

  • Why


    Why are women dangerous is blood shame and life death love worn claim reborn many too children

  • Shower Action

    Shower Action i couldn’t discern, without glasses, what sort of bug was trying not to drown, as i would, but falling backward is what killed it.

  • Whipped

    Whipped Same time. Same Race. A horse beating itself doesn’t believe it’s dead.

  • to Wed

    to Wed ’til death of the heart do us part the shopping cart.

  • Present Tense Noted

    Present Tense Noted There’s no gain in holding pain. Memories living in your head should be Dead. Thoughts and oughts aren’t Real. How You Feel is Now.

  • There was a ship

    Stay True. Stay True she said. Stay True she said to the ship. She could see out to sea. She could see the wide sea in the storm. Stay True she said to the ship, even if the captain curses the Goddess of the Sea so bitterly.