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  • My Cat Loves My Hat

    My cat is no help in the garden. He doesn’t warn me when ants crawl up my pants. He doesn’t know a weed from a seed. He sleeps while I sweat and sweat. He wants to play and I shoo him away before he attacks me with his claws and snaps his jaws. My cat…

  • Cat Delivers Important Message

    it’s pointless to resist the wisdom of beauty

  • Cats and Love and Hate

    Cats and Love and Hate

    I’m in a love/hate relationship with my cats. I love the way they follow me around outside, and watching them from the kitchen, eat and play around their cat house. I love the way they catch mice and other pests. But I hate the way they dig in my kitchen boxes, like my whole garden is…

  • Cat Stretch

    We have two cats that patrol our house and grounds. Mr. Mims says that they are my dogs, because whenever I walk outside, they follow me around. When I stop, they stop. When I’m taking pictures, they want to be in the picture. This is Bear, chillin’ on a stone bench by the pond.

  • Brotherly Love

    These two brothers are named The Bear and King Arthur. My husband brought home a littler of four from his friend’s house, which we had collectively named Crystal, Tiger and the two above. They were outdoor cats from the beginning, and Crystal (which my son named for his sister) and Tiger (which my husband named…