Podcast Pilot Episode

Martha Cinader speaks with Dan Klink and Joelle Biton about podcasting, media, technology and people. Tony Robles speaks to Crystal Cauley on MLK Day in Hendersonville, NC and Delia at the Abundancia Food Distribution Program. Spoken word by Michelle Serros. Music by Greenville Jazz Collective, SC. THUNDER TALK Saturday Morning - Animation Michele Serros -... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther King, Water and Indigenous Wisdom

While the official folks pass around carbon credits, the People should restore stewardship of the land to the people who know best how to get on the path to restoring cool, clean water to the landscape, the ones who never forgot. If we can take their guidance, we can avoid wars over water and render futures trading on water a pointless activity.

Poetry and Blues at the Brandy Bar in Hendersonville

Some of the reasons why we should indeed revisit Sandburg as an American icon are his prolific accomplishments, and his self-professed role as a poet of the people. On this MLK weekend I found myself imagining what kind of conversation they might have had together if they met. I'm sure there would have been some mutual admiration.

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