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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Good morning from Martha’s Kitchen Garden

  • Winter Green

    The garden grows beneath a layer of summer gone. I combed dry leaves and branches from parsley, asparagus, iris and lily leaves, green and crisp and pulled on roots of grass and  peppermint, to restrain them.

  • Spring Harvest

    Spring Harvest

    I don’t know why but growing food works as eye candy too.

  • Plans to Plant

    Plans to Plant

    I have plans to put these two couples to bed, and nurture some grapes and blackberries. Two things you could never have enough of for jam and juice or just fresh off the vine.

  • Preparing for Spring

    Preparing for Spring

    I cut the dry asparagus stems that I never did cut back at the start of winter, but I left the tomato baskets I keep over them, so that I know where they are.

  • Lavender in Winter

    Lavender in Winter

    There are many flowers and smells and sights to gush about in the spring and summer, but some plants offer pleasures year-round. Lavender is perennial and evergreen. Lavender leaves smell just as strong as the flowers. If you rub the leaves between your fingers the scent will stick with you for awhile. The leaves are a…

  • The View from my Kitchen Window

    Now we have a baby fruit orchard and all the variety of trees are beginning to bloom. From here on in it will be a competition between the insects, the birds, the squirrels and us for the fruit.

  • Spring Flowers

    Food comes from flowers, reason enough to love them. It is no superficial relationship that we have with these beauties. But beauty helps doesn’t it?