Living It!

Living It! is Martha’s debut as producer and features an eclectic array of arrangements and musical styles.cover The album release also features the original mix from Cinader’s debut single on vinyl, “Living It,” and a rare live duo performance of “Rosebud” with the legendary teacher of Herbie Hancock, Chris Anderson on piano.
BTW if you’re looking for the lyrics to “Living It!” or “King Leopold” they’re in this book, by Martha Cinader.

Wordologist Martha Cinader’s “Living It” is revitalized by Victor
Simonelli & Birth of Cool for the follow up single.

“Living It”
Martha Cinader’s debut single
Produced by Jeannie Hopper & Sabine Worthmann. Liquid Sound Lounge Recordings.

  • Original
  • Sub-Freak
  • BoC Mix
  • BoC Dub

    The single “Living It” features additional mixes including the SUB FREAK MIX from JOHN WARD of SUB DUB + Ambient House mixes from BIRTH OF COOL (Hamburg, Germany)

    “Living It” The Remixes
    Featuring Martha Cinader

    Victor Simonelli & Birth of Cool
    Liquid Sound Lounge Recordings

  • Victor Simonelli 8th Dimension mix
  • VJS acappella
  • Birth of Cool Deep Dub
  • Simonelli Beats


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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 From: Kris Northey, “lovin’ it”
“…the kind of person that goes for her own ideas, style, feeling, interpretations, without giving in to commercially dictated styles. And that alone is great!”ez/mar 2000
Feb./March 1998
“This is a good marriage of spoken word and drum n’ bass.
It’s fresh and definately a new take on things.”—- DJ Marquess Wyatt, Feb.’98 issue 758
If you’re a fan of Dana Bryant or Me’Shell Ndegeocello this is for you. Pure poetry in motion – quite literally; DJ Jeannie Hopper has teamed with ‘wordologist’ (sic) Martha Cinader in a journey through life – mixing poetry with improvised-jazz, house-beats, techno-chords and drum n’ bass arrangements. Similarity the four remixes are equally eclectic moving from dub to trip-hop and house, and all working well within the song’s framework. Original and highly innovative. (LD)

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999 20:01:46 EDT
Hi Martha
I’ve been listening to the words of “Living It” over and over and over again. What in the world could have inspired those words. THEY ARE DEEP!!!!!!! congrats Troy B.
Dance Music Authority
…On the “Living It” remixes, Victor Simonelli gives a classy minimalistic interpretation that clearly places Martha Cinader’s philosophical word-smithing in the centerstage; it bumps along at a lively 122 BPM pace with mellow synth stabs, subtle funky key work and a thick atmospheric texture. Simonelli also includes a beatless acapella and a bonus beats-only track so those whar are inclined may work their own turntable magic. Also included on this 12″ is Birth of Cool’s Deep Dub, a continuation of their Dub mix from the original 12″ that goes straight for the funk in a fluid, energetic U.K. deep house fashinon.

Martha Cinader
Living It (Victor Simonelli Remix)
(LSL) Simonelli’s mixes transport this trippy spoken poem into the dreamy, drugged-out state it should have been presented in. Taken in with a blunt or in a smoky dark club, I think the effect will be the same, at least in theory. The VJS a cappella, with 808 sounds, harp and oscillating vintage keys, is dope. Kicks are to be had on he vox mix; they are as sedate as Simonelli’s original designs, but the ethereal mood vanishes a bit. The Pseudo a cappella is the joint. DJDK

Dance Music Authority
March ’98
” You know in this job as a reviewer, I listen to a LOT of vinyl, and it’s actually VERY rare when something really jumps out and grabs me as much as this piece did. DJ Jeannie Hopper and the LSL crew really caught my attention with this very creative project that marries some interesting spoken word-smithing with various jazz-rooted remixing styles. On the A side, even the drum n’ bass oriented Original mix appeals to me (usually not a genre that I would be drawn to), with its snappy drum programming, subtle booming bass, and sparse, dreamy instrumentation; John Ward (of Sub Dub fame) then offers his trippy Sub -Freak version, an eclectically sound -effected jazzy dub rendition that suits the philosophical musings of Martha Cinader quite well. But for a more uptempo dancing experience, I’d flip on over to Lars “lb” Behrenroth and Michael Carstensen’s deeper Birth of Cool House and Dub mixes. Swirling, dreamy atmospheric synths, bumpin’ key stabs, meandering jazzy vibe riffs, bubbling samba-ish bass lines and syncopated (at times) percussion over a pumpinhouse track-very well produced, giving Cinader’s poetic rambling a totally different framework in which to flow. I absolutely love this piece, and I hear Tony Humphries is also a fan of the BOC mixes. For more info, check out Hopper’s LSL website at”
**** -Margaret Coble
DJ Tony Humpheries Hot 97, NYC – In Rotation 5 weeks straight
DJ Doc Martin, Los Angeles-“Interesting Changes in deep bass mix. All mixes are Good” – Heavy Play!
DJ John Alvarado, WVUM-Power 96, Miami – “Wicked Concept. This is Phatness required for my People”
DJ Bruce Wilcox, WOMB & Spec’s Music, Miami -“It’s Cool. Original for my radio show!”
Phil Turnipseed, DJ Times, NYC – Reminiscent of the Daou’s “Surrender Yourself”.
DJ A-Gram, Diesel Store, NYC – “Dope Spoken Word, Dope Instrumental, Dope Record!!” Original Mix
DJ Pope, Baltimore – “Good job…Keep it Up!” Liquid Side
DJ Nickodemus, Giant Step, NYC – “Uplifting Vocals. Nice Deep Feel” Original Mix & Liquid Side
Brian Shutta, Scratch Pad, Milwaukee – “I like the different genre’s of mixes on one piece of vinyl.” BOC DUB
DJ Aou, Step Ahead/12″ Dance, D.C. – “tony edward’s kickass again on keys.” Original & Liquid side
DJ Cozmic Cat, Philadelphia – “Reminds me of Dana Bryant. Go Girl!!” Sub Freak & BOC Mix
DJ John Curley, Chicago – “Dig’m all, but programming BOC mixes”
Tony Aco, Choctaw, OK – “The dub is deep…I’m Loving It!”
DJ Dealer, Denver – Wearing it out! “Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!!” Liquid Side
DJ Garth – Hardkiss, San Francisco – “Fresh” Liquid Side
DJ Niven – Hardkiss, San Francisco – “Lovely vocal, sensible lyrics..punched with rhythm” Sub – Freak mix
DJ Dove, WPSC, New Jersey – “This Record is pretty cool and very different” BOC Mixes
Jason Hodges, CKLN, Scarborough, Canada – “Love it ..poetry over top slammin beats a welcome change!”
Neil Aline, WNYU, NYC – “Good Job! I will play the original!!”
Mike McCloud, Discovery Disco KDBF, LR, AR – “2 Words…THE BOMB!”
CJ @VybeMuzik, Miami – “give me mood, give me feelings, give me drama, that’s what living it is about”
Kevin @VybeMuzik, Miami – “I’m very’s lyrically & musically deep..I’m Living It!”
DJ Snowhite, Beach Radio, Miami – ” sooo smoooth & sensual. Keep the �abstracicity’ coming.”
Trevor Nicholas, WRUW, Cleveland -“BOC workin’”
DJ Boom Bip, WAIF, Cinncinati-“I like what LSL Records are all about. Always Supportin’” all mixes.
Luis Lopez, WCRX, Chicago – “Love the product. Record Sounds Phat & definately movin’ the masses”
DJ Jezus Juice, Net Radio, Minneapolis – “Great Record! Great Mixes! all Workin”
DJ Sun, KPFT, Houston-“Lovin’ the Jazzy Drum and Bass!”
DJ E-Live, KRTM, Temecula, CA – “A hypnotic blend of beats, grooves and poetry”


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