Note to Brick

Note to Brick
You bestowed gifts but
you didn’t give them.
You left me your legacy but
you didn’t tell me.
You talk to me daily but
you never spoke with me.
You obstruct me so
I lean on you.

Note to Anxiety

Note to Anxiety
i didn’t see what i saw
hear what i heard say a word
my brain’s a train wreck
the tracks are whack
no fight or run
just frozen and dumb

Note to Mister

Note to Mister
You know it all but nobody calls.
Your ship is tight; you’re always right.
You live in an empty house
with a mouse you named Dumb,
who takes your crumbs.
You spin the wheel and ride to the end, cut a deal, say you don’t feel,
never bend, never mend.

List to Note

List to Note
happy sad good bad
right wrong here gone
vow lie live die
love hate now wait
naive slick sincere trick genuine phony horse pony

Note to Nightmare

Note to Nightmare
You surprised me,
wanting to be mine,
tricked your way
through the front door
into my bed.
I made you feel real.
I’m awake now.

Note to Greed

Note to Greed
You didn’t know
that what you held
was precious,
worth more than
you’ll ever acquire,
when you dropped it
and squashed it;
you wouldn’t know
if you saw it again.
watch your step as you leave.

Note to Diver

Note to Diver
there’s a girl
a pearl in a shell
she never left the deep sea
she hasn’t aged
she can’t tell
there’s other girls
in other shells
she doesn’t know
she’s alone
she is home
home is her
leave her be

Note to Vanity

Note to Vanity
you’re a curse
worse for wear
you prey
you say
magic words
you’re heard
you’re preferred
but not here dear
don’t try the lock
don’t knock

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