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  • Note to Nightmare

    Note to Nightmare You surprised me, wanting to be mine, tricked your way through the front door into my bed. I made you feel real. I’m awake now.

  • Note to Heart

    Note to Heart You are the bridge that water returns to traffickers scuff your surface thinking they are going somewhere don’t listen to idle chatter you are what you seek

  • Note to Greed

    Note to Greed You didn’t know that what you held was precious, worth more than you’ll ever acquire, when you dropped it and squashed it; you wouldn’t know if you saw it again. watch your step as you leave.

  • Note to Diver

    Note to Diver there’s a girl a pearl in a shell she never left the deep sea she hasn’t aged she can’t tell there’s other girls in other shells she doesn’t know she’s alone she is home home is her leave her be

  • Note to Vanity

    Note to Vanity you’re a curse worse for wear you prey you say magic words you’re heard you’re preferred but not here dear don’t try the lock don’t knock

  • Note to Narcissus

    Note to Narcissus where are you from? where do you belong?

  • Note to Horizon

    Note to Horizon i hoed the road to the end. now i’m looking at you. you see me striding from a field of dreams hoe in hand.

  • Note to Spec

    Note to Spec to fail completely is spectacular. you didn’t just get by you were a disaster. you didn’t belong. why were you there?

  • Note to Belly Fat

    Note to Belly Fat after a few days of just enough we part ways but you keep knocking nagging me about having more than i need indeed

  • Note to Anyone

    Note to Anyone i have as much right as anyone to be here which isn’t much but i’m here and i have a right to be

  • Note to Let Go

    Note to Let Go those fists are holding All that You Never struck back at the fight is over the flight is cancelled feel fresh air on your open palms

  • wrong


    all for naught fraught with care don’t be where you knot belong

  • to belong

    to belong

    i know i go i flow i see i free i me part of whole a soul

  • Shame Game

    Shame Game

    he covers her cage with his rage, takes her song, tells her she’s wrong, weak, shouldn’t speak. she waits long for dawn.

  • he chose me

    he chose me

    fresh with still-wet hair spit on my pubescent idea of fair, a wad on my head to add to my dread that he might lash out about a girl as wrong as a protest song