Martha Cinader – Author & Recording Artist

Me and my puppy. I'm all about using my time wisely these days.

Martha Cinader is a published author and recording artist best known for her hit single Living It! Also the owner of Martha’s Kitchen Garden Llc, in Greenville, South Carolina, she documents her ongoing project toward communificiency in her column Martha’s Kitchen Garden.

Martha is the creator of Listen & Be Heard, formerly a performance series that began in NYC at the University of the Streets and then the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, it migrated with her to the bay area of California where it became a performance cafe and award winning weekly arts newspaper. It’s new iteration is as an arts and artists centered website based in the South with plans to become a podcast station as well.

Martha’s recording of the poem “Living It” has been remixed and released internationally, including on the compilation Aphrodisiac, Universal Music France. Her previous anthology of poems and stories, When the Body Calls, was published by Writers and Readers, Harlem River Press Poems and stories appear in anthologies and magazines including A Gathering of the Tribes. Publishers Weekly called the poem/story “1-800-YOR-DICK ” “hilarious, (pen name Senator Sin,) Dick for a Day, Villard Books.

Martha tells stories from  Dreamscape, Real Dreams Really Make a Difference, a book about fascinating people in history, and original fairy tales for people of all ages. She also welcomes opportunities to share poetry solo or with musical accompaniment.

She publishes an ongoing collection of note poems entitled Note to Note and is currently seeking representation for her first novel, Marvelina, a fairytale for grown women. The novel is based on a twelve episode radio drama that she wrote for WBAI/Pacifica in 1995.


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