From Yard Waste to Garden Bed

I compare myself to the all-weather raspberry plant these days. I am resilient too, and my roots run through the fertile soil of nearly six decades of learning.

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Lighten Up!

The more we lighten up, the more energy we have to focus on what’s most important to us. As we free up energy, we become more empowered to say, and do, and be whatever we want to say, and do, and be. Then we feel lighter, which gives us more energy.

Last Print Issue Featured H.E.R.

By far our most famous member of the Listen & Be Heard community in Vallejo, CA is Gabi Wilson, a Vallejo native now known as H.E.R.. We first became acquainted with her, at the age of eight, as an already published poet who came to our open mics and participated in our poetry marathons.

Soil and People

Doing more for your soil doesn't require spending, or extra effort. It requires the opposite. Our relationships with each other are the same way. If we feed them with love, they will prosper without much difficulty. If we pour on fake feelings and disrespect we will wind up with a lifeless pile of dirt falling through our fingers.

Getting off the Ground

Even though we are connected globally, we are still living locally. As my roots roam and reach and replenish me, the Upstate of South Carolina has become the new home base for Listen & Be Heard, which will only serve to expand on the connections and creations that came before. Listen and be heard in South Carolina, in America, on Earth. What's the alternative?

When the first issue of L&BH Weekly was published on November 11, 2003, Q.R. Hand jr. was featured. He was one of the first poets to show up to the open mic and come back every week, and was probably Vallejo's finest poet.

Life is full of Many Maybes

I never did get quite enough raspberries this spring to make raspberry jam. Maybe I will get a fall crop that will yield more berries. My older blueberry bushes also didn't have a high yield, although I am still picking some. We had a very hot and dry few weeks and many of the blueberries and blackberries just shriveled...

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