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Martha Cinader Mims
Martha Cinader Mims, August 2015

Welcome to my garden of words, spoken and written, printed and recorded, past and present.
My latest publication is the second edition of Dreamscape. If you enjoy the book trailer above, please do spread it around like fertilizer, wherever you think a seed might grow!
While you’re here you can buy a book or an album,  read from my blog, look at videos, listen to some sound files, or get in touch with me.
I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here. Before you leave please do sign my “visitors book” below, or subscribe to get notices when I post to my blog.
Wishing you Peace and Poetry
Martha Cinader Mims


3 responses to “Welcome to My Garden”

  1. DAN SWEET Avatar

    Fantastic you woman u! ♥

  2. hugo411 Avatar

    Just heard living it on Internet Radio and leaped to find out where this Unique, Special, and Carefree Voice came from. So rare to find this kind of sound nowadays.

    1. martha cinader mims Avatar

      Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm! Living It just keeps on Living It. I would like to record some new material from the past decade or so. Maybe the opportunity will present itself 🙂

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