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  • Flute Busking

    Tony Robles talks with Diana Flores, who plays flute on Main Street in Hendersonville. She describes the freedom that it affords her in her choices of music, including themes to her favorite video games. She also plays in a community band, The Blue Ridge Ringers, which is a handbell choir, and a flute choir called…

  • Edwin Torres on the Written and Spoken Word

    Edwin Torres on the Written and Spoken Word

    The uncut video interview. Martha Cinader speaks from her studio in Greenville, SC with Edwin Torres, author of Quanundrum, winner of the 2022 American Book Award, and spoken word artist in Beacon, NY, about his three hour virtual workshop, on Saturday, June 3, Room to Roam, and his mixery and mastery of spoken word, music,…

  • From Bamboo Comes Life:

    From Bamboo Comes Life:

    Edwin Lozada, Executive Director of Philippine American Writers and Artists (PAWA), who explains the Philippine creation story of the first man and woman. Malakas is the first man who was created, and Maganda, the first woman.

  • wildflowers by Beverly Parayno

    wildflowers by Beverly Parayno

    The uncut video interview by Tony Robles in Hendersonville, NC who speaks with Beverly Parayno in Cameron Park, CA, about her book of short stories: wildflowers.

  • Reebee dedoo dada

    Reebee dedoo dada

    The uncut video interview by Tony Robles, who speaks with multi-media artist Filey Matias, author of Reebee dedoo dada, Redhawk Publications, a story of song and the freedom to be oneself! Reebee, dedoo, dada is a book about bullying and how it takes a village to beat one.

  • Suzy Sureck, Fiely Matias, Zap Mama, Tracie Morris

    Suzy Sureck, Fiely Matias, Zap Mama, Tracie Morris

    Martha Cinader speaks with Suzy Sureck, Tony Robles with Fiely Matias, spoken word by Zap Mama, Tracie Morris

  • Wednesday, May 17 on WPVM 103.7 FM

    Martha Cinader speaks with Suzy Sureck about her multi-media installation Tread Lightly. Tony Robles speaks with Fiely Matias about his book Reebee, dedoo, dada.

  • The Music of Roots

    The Music of Roots

    Martha Cinader speaks with multi-media artist Suzy Sureck about the sounds inspired by the underground community beneath our feet, and other facets of her multi-media installations, including her use of poetry in Tread Lightly/Digital Forest curated by Ute Ritschel at the Shader Galerie Darmstadt, Germany 2022.

  • Appalachian Memoir

    Appalachian Memoir

    Tony Robles interviews Jennifer McGaha about her memoir Flat Broke with Two Goats.

  • Fiction Twined with Memory

    Fiction Twined with Memory

    Tony Robles speaks with Ann Davila Cardinal, author of several young adult books, from her home in Vermont about her latest book, this one for adults: The Storyteller’s Death.

  • Las Flores

    Las Flores

    In Hendersonville a community comes out early Sunday morning to honor the earth, the soil; a place to plant songs and poetry and a vision of sharing and depending on one another. Our sustenence is the dream that is shared, a dream that is not owned by one person but collectively conceived.

  • Student Art on Display

    Student Art on Display

    The Arts Council of Henderson County showcased student artists grades 3 through 12 in its yearly contest on April 14th. The art showcase and contest was held at the Blue Ridge Mall in Hendersonville, North Carolina

  • Healing Love is What it’s About

    Healing Love is What it’s About

    Tony Robles speaks with Robert Zachary of the Healing Love Institute who shares life experience and poetry too.

  • Turtle Trap

    making some turtle traps and trying to find a shady spot on the pond

  • Glenis Redmond, Poet Laureate of Greenville, SC

    Glenis Redmond, Poet Laureate of Greenville, SC

    Tony Robles sat down to talk with Glenis Redmond, the first poet laureate of Greenville, SC on Sunday, March 26. They had a wide-ranging conversation about Greenville, the Carolinas, writing, her books and her plans as the poet laureate.