Sit and Sip Poetry on Thursdays

I saw a flyer in the window of Sabor Latin Street Grill for Sit & Sip Poetry. Of course I had to see what that was about. According to Victoria B Poetry, the weekly event is "to empower and build generations through poetry expressing life experiences through spoken word" on Thursdays from 6:30-9.

to Owl Persistent Rooster pervades the morning, warning of a lie. Cicadas sing, asking: why? Give a hoot for me. Tuck my dreams under your wing, while you sleep the day away.

to the Player Hiding, biding your time, you wear a mask, pretend to ask. You take. You fake feelings while dealing the cards, play hard when you win what you wanted, undaunted by the price. Wish i could say it’s been nice.

to Pursuit Happiness is an activity, a busy bee, a butterfly, a bird, feeding Freedom’s flowers.

What should I do with my half packets of and beets? Those tiny and potentially mighty promises from years gone

The lettuce isn't the only thing that appreciates warm bricks. A resident lizard passed through to inspect my work.

The blueberries are already budding, and the Winter Wonder, Camelia is about to bloom.​ #homestead #mulch #winter

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