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  • Happy Birthday Poet Al Robles (1930-2009)

    Happy Birthday Poet Al Robles (1930-2009)

    Poet, servant of the people. How you served plates of rice and fish and poetry that stuck to the mind and nourished the heart in a place called Manilatown. Your love for the elders of our community was always true. You served the food of love and compassion amidst those who would come and pluck…

  • Cat’s Meow

    Cat’s Meow

    Cat’s Meow Ducks in a row. Chickens counted. ScapeGoat escaped. Dog my best friend.

  • to Walk

    to Walk

    to walk blind, i couldn’t find the open door my mind wouldn’t leave couldn’t conceive more than meets the eye until i tried.

  • to Dis

    to Dis

    to dis sew she ate crow know ledge to yous wings sew she sings jar ring rhymes

  • The Woman Who Looked Like Nina Simone

    You caught my eye even with your mask a pandemic badge of the mouth yet your eyes spoke as you moved about the store black woman under the glare of florescent light, wading in your own music, your own rhythm while the canned music played over the thrift store speakers And Nina’s voice comes through…

  • Writing


    Writing wiggly words in a woody world uncurling on pages from trees crossing the seas of our souls riding the rails of slavery telling tales of bravery you and me read We.

  • to Rise

    to Rise

    to Rise like the sun bring energy where there was none have some fun before it’s done.

  • to Free Leonard

    to Free Leonard how can we be free when we stay apart hide inequality with lies cry crocodile tears for forty eight years?

  • to Rage

    to Rage

  • activity


    activity did doing about to still infinity me

  • eventually


    eventually i wake up with me i see what each kept close while threatening who i be i’m free

  • Early Morning in a Kansas City Hotel

    Early Morning in a Kansas City Hotel

  • Manong in Hendersonville, NC

    (Author’s note: Manong–A term of respect when addressing an older Filipino man. It means older brother, or elder; one that has lived through the hardships of life) No matter where I go or where I move, a manong will always find me No matter where I’m working or what daydreams creep behind me he is…

  • in the dark Morning

    in the dark Morning

    in the dark Morning Bobo’s there. He barks at Deer, Fox, Coyote or Bear. When Sun rises he’ll see Me and wag his tail. We’ll walk together and see our breath in Air.

  • Familiar food for the Latino/a/x Community in Hendersonville

    Familiar food for the Latino/a/x Community in Hendersonville

    From Mexico, El Salvador, Guatamala And their nopales tongues sing nopales songs and speak nopales poetry and rituals And from their hands come: Chayote Jalapenis Peras Limon Cebolla Banana Yucca Tomatillos Frijoles Arroz In a place called Hendersonville