Category: Poetry

  • Overheated Heart

    Overheated Heart

    I see the smoke in your car for a long time, the younger one says They get ouf of the truck and tell me to pop the hood

  • to belong

    to belong

    i know i go i flow i see i free i me part of whole a soul

  • Shame Game

    Shame Game

    he covers her cage with his rage, takes her song, tells her she’s wrong, weak, shouldn’t speak. she waits long for dawn.

  • he chose me

    he chose me

    fresh with still-wet hair spit on my pubescent idea of fair, a wad on my head to add to my dread that he might lash out about a girl as wrong as a protest song

  • what is tomorrow?

    what is tomorrow?

    what is tomorrow? does memory make me? can it break me? am i what was said? was i led to dread? what’s in my head?

  • i gave a bug a hug

    i gave a bug a hug

    i gave a bug a hug she was here first custodian of the universe. i watered her tree, thanked her for visiting me. we’re friends to the end. it’s war out there. we have to take care of each other.

  • Assembling a Wheelchair

    Assembling a Wheelchair

    And somewhere a wheel chair
is being put together while a
world tilts on its axis trying to
find its bearings

  • Every Word

    Every Word

    Every Word i never said because of dread lives in my jaw reading law books rings in my ears, gives me dirty looks, plays with fear i hold dear.

  • a tiny-tiny fly

    a tiny-tiny fly

    a tiny, tiny fly flew by asked do i know how food grows or the cost when the war on insects is lost?

  • Open Heart

    Open Heart

    I just had open heart, he says We take the wheelchair from the bed of his  pickup and the man’s wife sits in the truck On the dashboard is a red pillow in the shape of a heart

  • up dating

    up dating

    go to my settings change my post type fix my code select my image click on my address save me

  • the Sound Cop

    the Sound Cop

    the Sound Cop signals my brain rides the rails of a squealing train won’t stop

  • I am

    I am

    I am golden sun on amber leaves.I am rain and sleet and hail.I am all the twinkling stars alight.I am the breeze that lifts your sail. I am autumn apples, crisp and sweet.I am peach juice on your chin.I am all the joys that fill your Soul.I am both poetry and pen. I am the…

  • Food Chain

    Food Chain

    Food Chain From my window i see hawks nesting high and ducks low. Soon, hawks will be busy feeding babies and only lucky duckies will grow.

  • Rise Up! Hendersonville, North Carolina remembers and celebrates Black History Month 2023

    Rise Up! Hendersonville, North Carolina remembers and celebrates Black History Month 2023

    Tony Robles speaks to Alyeh Cady and Pam Suber, videos and photos by Isabel Cutler at the Rise Up! Black History Month Event at Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Hendersonville produced by Crystal Cauley.