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  • Food Chain

    Food Chain

    Food Chain From my window i see hawks nesting high and ducks low. Soon, hawks will be busy feeding babies and only lucky duckies will grow.

  • Rise Up! Hendersonville, North Carolina remembers and celebrates Black History Month 2023

    Rise Up! Hendersonville, North Carolina remembers and celebrates Black History Month 2023

    Tony Robles speaks to Alyeh Cady and Pam Suber, videos and photos by Isabel Cutler at the Rise Up! Black History Month Event at Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Hendersonville produced by Crystal Cauley.

  • Why Carl Matters

    Why Carl Matters

    Why does Carl Sandburg matter? Why does the wind or sun matter? Why do our struggles matter?  Do the strings on a guitar matter? If the strings are broken, do they still matter?  It all mattered to Carl. Black lives mattered to Carl as he chronicled the brutality suffered by black people at the hands…

  • to question

    to question

    to question why i feel like i serve the computer in my life what is your attachment style to your phone

  • to like

    to like

    to like a stick or a stone can break a bone. a like is a lick on a sugar stick, a tick in a basket of dreams deferred without a word.

  • head lines

    head lines

    head lines happen daily people pay with paper to read paper convolution rape, retribution foot notes to evolution

  • headlines


    headlines if the tree never felled did any of it happen

  • Thoughts While Eating Breakfast at the Waffle House in North Carolina

    I’m starting to use words like sweetheart and darlin’ and the woman at the counter puts some scrambled eggs in front of me, calls me sweetie The workers stack the Texas toast, scoop the grits scribble down orders and take our dirty plates I sit and sip and scribble in a notepad and think of…

  • The Train Runs

    The Train Runs

    The Train Runs chugging dividends to the very end from its stack while cars fall from the track, doesn’t need water, never looks back or ahead, doesn’t see you, me or the dead.

  • i sew

    i sew

    i sew a seam to a dream. wind whips my feelings flaps my flag. shedding tears, i’m still here with a hitch and a stitch.

  • Happy Birthday Poet Al Robles (1930-2009)

    Happy Birthday Poet Al Robles (1930-2009)

    Poet, servant of the people. How you served plates of rice and fish and poetry that stuck to the mind and nourished the heart in a place called Manilatown. Your love for the elders of our community was always true. You served the food of love and compassion amidst those who would come and pluck…

  • Cat’s Meow

    Cat’s Meow

    Cat’s Meow Ducks in a row. Chickens counted. ScapeGoat escaped. Dog my best friend.

  • to Walk

    to Walk

    to walk blind, i couldn’t find the open door my mind wouldn’t leave couldn’t conceive more than meets the eye until i tried.

  • to Dis

    to Dis

    to dis sew she ate crow know ledge to yous wings sew she sings jar ring rhymes

  • The Woman Who Looked Like Nina Simone

    You caught my eye even with your mask a pandemic badge of the mouth yet your eyes spoke as you moved about the store black woman under the glare of florescent light, wading in your own music, your own rhythm while the canned music played over the thrift store speakers And Nina’s voice comes through…