Aren’t We Natural? Do flies ask why corpses stare at sky while flowers feed on flowing blood? Greed floods the plain. We remain the same, destruction our game; we are the flame and the ash, food for the fruit tree, honey from the bee.

This Mess is undressed: i choke; you joke that i’m repressed. i am free feminine fury a flurry of feeling feeding a flower of fire. What’s your desire?

Guilty they say she is not Chicken or Egg Rooster doesn’t defend her Snake slaughters her chicks

Mother Wanted Mothers have the oldest, bloodiest, riskiest and lowest paid job in the World. We should enjoy tax-free status instead of the institutions that keep us like a guilty secret.

What You Said you want me to steal what you feel, open a gap, a trap for me to fall from grace my face in your hand.

Fathers of Sons they say we take your DNA and put it away when we give you a son. you never leave. we absorb you. it’s not chemistry. it’s got to do with biology.

to Truth i never met you. i didn’t want to know you. you live in an unmarked grave. i can’t save you now.

Internal Memo a reminder to everyone who is receiving this message: membership in the corporation requires membership. associate and honorary members are required to uphold the double standard by any means until further notice.

Love in the Garden me and me are under the tree k - i - s - s - i - n - g and eating juicy apples and laughing cuz they look like breasts and they taste sweet and satisfying.

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