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  • Opportunities for Artists and Poets in SC

    South Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology is now taking submissions. 2023 GREENVILLE OPEN STUDIOS APPLICATIONS DUE JUNE 16

  • Support First Things Foundation and Have Fun

    Support First Things Foundation and Have Fun

    Keipi Restaurant on the Green at Hampton Station, Saturday, May 6th starting at 4:30. Georgia John Jazz, EarthKry, Whitney Bradley and the Groove Planet Band. All proceeds to support First Things Foundation.

  • Earthkry Band comes to Greenville

    Earthkry Band comes to Greenville

    OCM and Mi Irie Restaurant present Unite the People, featuring Earthkry Band, Di Namic, Rik Jam, Last Disciple and music by Golden Symphony Sound. Friday, May 5th at Jamaica Mi Irie, Woodruff Road.

  • Reggae in Greenville

    Reggae in Greenville

    Jamaica Mi Irie, the only 100% authentic Jamaican restaurant in Greenville. I like the chicken patties and the jerk lamb sandwich once in awhile when I am downtown, but I never knew they had a couple other locations or that they have Reggae Parties on Thursdays and Saturdays at their Woodruff Road location. If you…



    Independent Bookstore Day + Celebrating 22 Years of Fiction Addiction

  • Honey, mead and more.

    Honey, mead and more.

    Yesterday I learned that mead is made from honey. I managed to live this long without knowing that, but now that I walked into Savannah Bee Company on Main Street in downtown Greenville I know, and I want to try it. It was too early in the day for me to try one of their…

  • Greenville Jazz Collective Jams on Sundays

    Greenville Jazz Collective Jams on Sundays

    The Greenville Jazz Collective is returning to Chicora Alley in downtown Greenville on Sunday afternoons from 4-7 for a jam session. As co-founders Shannon Hoover and Matt Dingledine put it, this is a time and place to work on your craft.

  • Fine Art in Full Color Print

    Fine Art in Full Color Print

    Rattlesnake, greenville art magazine, had a party to celebrate Volume 5 at Zen, where a copy of the magazine was part of the entrance fee. I went, and would say that it is certainly worth the support of every artist who plans on having a show… and every art lover who wants to know what…