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  • Fiction Twined with Memory

    Fiction Twined with Memory

    Tony Robles speaks with Ann Davila Cardinal, author of several young adult books, from her home in Vermont about her latest book, this one for adults: The Storyteller’s Death.

  • One Thing

    One Thing

    It’s perfectly fine, even wise, to do just one thing at a time!

  • Listen & Be Heard coming to Asheville Radio

    Listen & Be Heard coming to Asheville Radio

    After ten episodes in ten weeks of the Listen & Be Heard podcast, we are taking it to the airwaves on Wednesday afternoons at WPVM 103.7, the Voice of Asheville. Listen & Be Heard will be brought to you live from the WPVM studio in Asheville, NC on Wednesdays from 4-5pm, starting May 3rd. You…

  • Support First Things Foundation and Have Fun

    Support First Things Foundation and Have Fun

    Keipi Restaurant on the Green at Hampton Station, Saturday, May 6th starting at 4:30. Georgia John Jazz, EarthKry, Whitney Bradley and the Groove Planet Band. All proceeds to support First Things Foundation.

  • Earthkry Band comes to Greenville

    Earthkry Band comes to Greenville

    OCM and Mi Irie Restaurant present Unite the People, featuring Earthkry Band, Di Namic, Rik Jam, Last Disciple and music by Golden Symphony Sound. Friday, May 5th at Jamaica Mi Irie, Woodruff Road.

  • Reggae in Greenville

    Reggae in Greenville

    Jamaica Mi Irie, the only 100% authentic Jamaican restaurant in Greenville. I like the chicken patties and the jerk lamb sandwich once in awhile when I am downtown, but I never knew they had a couple other locations or that they have Reggae Parties on Thursdays and Saturdays at their Woodruff Road location. If you…



    Independent Bookstore Day + Celebrating 22 Years of Fiction Addiction

  • Las Flores

    Las Flores

    In Hendersonville a community comes out early Sunday morning to honor the earth, the soil; a place to plant songs and poetry and a vision of sharing and depending on one another. Our sustenence is the dream that is shared, a dream that is not owned by one person but collectively conceived.

  • Student Art on Display

    Student Art on Display

    The Arts Council of Henderson County showcased student artists grades 3 through 12 in its yearly contest on April 14th. The art showcase and contest was held at the Blue Ridge Mall in Hendersonville, North Carolina

  • What should I do?

    What should I do?

    It’s a complete waste of time and energy to try to figure out what others want, and then act that way, in an attempt to make them happy.

  • Healing Love is What it’s About

    Healing Love is What it’s About

    Tony Robles speaks with Robert Zachary of the Healing Love Institute who shares life experience and poetry too.

  • Turtle Trap

    making some turtle traps and trying to find a shady spot on the pond

  • Sweet Release!

    Sweet Release!

    This is an individually tailored experiment to observe if we have improvement in any symptom when we release certain foods. Then we can choose to reintroduce what was released to see if symptoms return.

  • Glenis Redmond, Poet Laureate of Greenville, SC

    Glenis Redmond, Poet Laureate of Greenville, SC

    Tony Robles sat down to talk with Glenis Redmond, the first poet laureate of Greenville, SC on Sunday, March 26. They had a wide-ranging conversation about Greenville, the Carolinas, writing, her books and her plans as the poet laureate.

  • Good morning