One Woman on a Mountainside

The truth is that one sixty year old woman with a shovel can't move a mountain, but she can do a whole lot to assist the soil, herself, her neighbors downstream, the birds and the bees. She can invite the beaver to come back, and The People too, who walk the land and have always showed us how to be custodians, and how to say thank you even when we haven't listened.

to Privacy

to Privacy i miss you. but maybe i never really knew you. was it me? please at least call. you know where to find me. but where are you?

Your Body is Your BFF!

We can’t hate the body into change, and we can’t embody our healthy intentions unless we’re actually in our body. So for many of us, the first step in living our healthy intentions is accepting, and loving the body we have.

to Exclusion

to Exclusion you say you’re better but you know better you set the stage for rage your actors read from the page you yell fire and hire the ones who run over the ones who run you hand them a gun then have your fun the one who walks with a splash and talks cash

to withhold you can give and not receive but you can’t take or ask for what is infinitely absent.

I am not a puppet

Back in the nineties I used to feel like I was doing creative work on the World Wide Web, and making meaningful connections with people who I would never have met otherwise. I actually knew all my friends and wouldn't think to count how many of them liked every single thing I did or said or took a picture of. Now I don't enjoy it so much anymore.

to Hate your infinite ends won’t bend me your beginnings, my departures your means don’t concern what i need to learn you haven’t earned my esteem, nameless and aimless with your anger you won’t rain in my brain you’ll evaporate in delight of sunlight

But how am I going to do that thing?

But how am I going to do that thing? Live radio used to feel like improvisation to me. There was the engineer at the board, (who was never me,) the host, the live guests and other content mixed in. I would like to have an engineer (anyone interested in volunteering?) but for now it's going to be me mixing a live show, learning the tech necessary to pull it off, and creating a space to do that in.

Why are women dangerous is blood shame and life death love worn claim reborn many too children

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