Food for All

This is the second time in seven years that we have had nesting geese. They eat constantly. Fortunately they leave our vegetables alone.

Carolina Chickadee

The chickadee doesn't like to pose for pictures. It moves very fast and doesn't ever just stay still. Very cautious, it first lands in a nearby tree, then flies to a branch in the tree holding the feeder.

Wild Geese Tame Cat

We've had a goose couple around here for several days, and a duck couple too. I believe that mating season is commencing. Canadian geese show up frequently around here. We had a nesting couple one year that stuck around with the babies for awhile. The geese seem to be used to people. They don't get... Continue Reading →

Shy Beauties

This Hooded Merganser couple likes to hug the opposite shore of the pond, where they blend in with the wild foliage and all the fallen leaves. They have been visiting for the past couple of days. Maybe they are working on a nest. The female on the right is as hard to see in this photo... Continue Reading →

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