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  • Show will feature Memoir  on May 10

    Show will feature Memoir on May 10

    This Wednesday at 4pm on WPVMfm 103.7 in Asheville, NC I will have Sebastian Matthews, author of Travelogue, A Photographic Journey, and Tony Robles who spoke with Jennifer McGaha, author of Flat Broke with Two Goats.

  • Listen & Be Heard coming to Asheville Radio

    Listen & Be Heard coming to Asheville Radio

    After ten episodes in ten weeks of the Listen & Be Heard podcast, we are taking it to the airwaves on Wednesday afternoons at WPVM 103.7, the Voice of Asheville. Listen & Be Heard will be brought to you live from the WPVM studio in Asheville, NC on Wednesdays from 4-5pm, starting May 3rd. You…

  • Remembering Goodie’s Greetings

    Remembering Goodie’s Greetings

    Cleven “Goodie” Goudeau (1932-2015) was a talented painter and cartoonist, art director, and the creator of the first African American greeting card line in the United States in the 1960s. Goodie’s friend, and film Director TJ Walkup, follows Goodie through New York City and Oakland, California, discussing the successful greeting card line that made history.

  • The Podcasting Learning Curve

    The Podcasting Learning Curve

    Communication is imperative. Now is the time for all of us to grasp that we have it in our hands to restore our soil, protect our water, cool the climate and love each other. It is the job of poets and writers and singers and artists and creative people of all kinds to bring that…

  • Martin Luther King, Water and Indigenous Wisdom

    Martin Luther King, Water and Indigenous Wisdom

    While the official folks pass around carbon credits, the People should restore stewardship of the land to the people who know best how to get on the path to restoring cool, clean water to the landscape, the ones who never forgot. If we can take their guidance, we can avoid wars over water and render…

  • Poetry and Blues at the Brandy Bar in Hendersonville

    Poetry and Blues at the Brandy Bar in Hendersonville

    Some of the reasons why we should indeed revisit Sandburg as an American icon are his prolific accomplishments, and his self-professed role as a poet of the people. On this MLK weekend I found myself imagining what kind of conversation they might have had together if they met. I’m sure there would have been some…

  • I am not a puppet

    I am not a puppet

    Back in the nineties I used to feel like I was doing creative work on the World Wide Web, and making meaningful connections with people who I would never have met otherwise. I actually knew all my friends and wouldn’t think to count how many of them liked every single thing I did or said…

  • But how am I going to do that thing?

    But how am I going to do that thing?

    But how am I going to do that thing? Live radio used to feel like improvisation to me. There was the engineer at the board, (who was never me,) the host, the live guests and other content mixed in. I would like to have an engineer (anyone interested in volunteering?) but for now it’s going…

  • The Year to Listen. The Year to Be Heard

    The Year to Listen. The Year to Be Heard

    So, what’s the point? The point for me is the same point I hope to serve for everyone involved, to create a platform for creative people to create a platform…

  • Learning and Sweating

    Learning and Sweating

    Davyne Dial was generous with her time and knowledge. I learned quite a bit about becoming a licensed radio station, and what it takes to keep it running. She is an inspiration to me, and a possible mentor, as I work toward establishing the Listen & Be Heard Network here in Greenville.

  • Getting off the Ground

    Getting off the Ground

    Even though we are connected globally, we are still living locally. As my roots roam and reach and replenish me, the Upstate of South Carolina has become the new home base for Listen & Be Heard, which will only serve to expand on the connections and creations that came before. Listen and be heard in…

  • Circling around the Unspoken

    Circling around the Unspoken

    We need to be heard. It is important, even if no one else listens. We need to be able to listen to our own inner voice.

  • Story Rewind

    Story Rewind

    I’m reading you the previous chapters of Listen & Be Heard from my faulty memory, because there is another chapter coming. But in many ways that story is my story. I said I wanted to be really, real with y’all. So here is another angle of the same story.

  • Why would anyone host an open mic?

    Why would anyone host an open mic?

    It seems to me, from the vantage point of a 59 year-old woman, that some of the most brilliant people are also some of the most kind and encouraging. Maybe I wouldn’t have started Sunday Afternoon Stories if he hadn’t spoken to me that night. He listened to me. He heard me. He gave me…

  • Listening and Being Heard

    Listening and Being Heard

    Being heard isn’t as easy. Opportunities to be heard are rare, and it’s even more rare to feel heard.