Mark and the Queen Fish

Mark and the Queen Fish
The Magic Path – Book 1
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E-book ASIN: B06XSL43ZX Print ISBN-10: 1520850182 ISBN-13: 978-1520850184
A long time ago the people of the seaside city of Mara had everything that they needed, and knew how to talk with the creatures of the sea. But times changed.
Mark only knows what it is like to serve the Inlanders who conquered Mara long before he was born. He is angry that his mother is disrespected, and doesn’t want her to have to work so hard.  Impatient for change, he decides to take action.

When the King sends Mark to jail, Mark dreams of a giant fish that speaks to him. He carves her picture on his cell wall and the Jailer punishes him for his handiwork. But a mysterious little girl with flowing green hair comes from the beach and gives him a blue stone to paint with.
While Mark languishes without visitors or food, his grandfather finally finds his way back home. Carried out to sea by a shark before Mark’s mother was born, the old man helps Mark, Mark’s mother, and the people of Mara to regain their freedom and their friendship with the creatures of the sea.

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