Author: cyndicombs

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shining our light invites others to do the same! We lead by example, and we follow examples that evoke lightness within us. We follow the light.

  • Darkness is Lit from Within

    Darkness is Lit from Within

    We want to cultivate trust in a benevolent Universe. We want to begin to see the world as it is, rather than how we have been taught to see it. The Universe is made of Source Energy. One source of energy created, and flows through everything.

  • Hate Release = Weight Release

    Hate Release = Weight Release

    If you hate yourself because you’re carrying extra pounds, that’s a much bigger issue than the extra pounds! It is impossible to hate ourselves throughout a weight loss journey and expect an outcome of self love. We want to embrace a journey driven by self love.

  • Just One Thing

    Just One Thing

    Remembering to do one new behavior each day is far easier than committing to an entirely new lifestyle! Choose just one thing. Each day we do one thing and succeed in moving toward better health.

  • Too Stressed to Digest?

    Too Stressed to Digest?

    Since relaxation is the perfect state for optimal digestion of food, and assimilation of nutrients, it stands to reason that we want to eat in a state of relaxation.

  • Love Anyway

    Love Anyway

    Life is asking us to be kind to ourselves even when we perceive that we have come up short.

  • Lighten Up!

    Lighten Up!

    The more we lighten up, the more energy we have to focus on what’s most important to us. As we free up energy, we become more empowered to say, and do, and be whatever we want to say, and do, and be. Then we feel lighter, which gives us more energy.