Author: Cyndi Combs

  • One Thing

    One Thing

    It’s perfectly fine, even wise, to do just one thing at a time!

  • What should I do?

    What should I do?

    It’s a complete waste of time and energy to try to figure out what others want, and then act that way, in an attempt to make them happy.

  • Sweet Release!

    Sweet Release!

    This is an individually tailored experiment to observe if we have improvement in any symptom when we release certain foods. Then we can choose to reintroduce what was released to see if symptoms return.

  • The #1 Reason Plans Fail

    The #1 Reason Plans Fail

    The number one reason plans fail is because we fail to plan. The solution is simple. Write down your plan. If you want to change anything, write down what you WILL do to make the change.

  • Create Art!

    Create Art!

    Creating art is therapy. Creating art is essential to the human spirit. Creating art can cure depression. Our energy and creativity long to flow!

  • I am

    I am

    I am golden sun on amber leaves.I am rain and sleet and hail.I am all the twinkling stars alight.I am the breeze that lifts your sail. I am autumn apples, crisp and sweet.I am peach juice on your chin.I am all the joys that fill your Soul.I am both poetry and pen. I am the…

  • Are You Having Fun?

    Are You Having Fun?

    Since we are biologically wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure, then it stands to reason that if food is our only source of pleasure we will overeat! Why wouldn’t we?

  • Relief through Release

    Relief through Release

    Think about the huge relief felt when a BIG stressor is resolved. Stress is released, and relief flows in. Releasing negative self talk leaves us energized, more confident, and less reactive to the world.

  • Remember Who You Are!

    Remember Who You Are!

    You are amazing, and often forget to count the ways.

  • Your Body is Your BFF!

    Your Body is Your BFF!

    We can’t hate the body into change, and we can’t embody our healthy intentions unless we’re actually in our body. So for many of us, the first step in living our healthy intentions is accepting, and loving the body we have.

  • Return to the Light

    Return to the Light

    Winter holy days are meant to feel like a return to lightness and hope. If you dread the approach of holiday festivities, give yourself permission NOT to participate, Give yourself space to create something new that nourishes your soul.

  • My Everloving Travel Blog

    My Everloving Travel Blog

    I hope you are doing all the things that make you happy from one end of your heart to the other. If you’re not, why not start now?

  • Giving Thanks Every Day

    Giving Thanks Every Day

    One of the best ways to attract what we want, is to appreciate what we already have because – as I have said numerous times – energy attracts like energy. Find things to appreciate, and the Universe brings more to appreciate!

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Shining our light invites others to do the same! We lead by example, and we follow examples that evoke lightness within us. We follow the light.

  • Darkness is Lit from Within

    Darkness is Lit from Within

    We want to cultivate trust in a benevolent Universe. We want to begin to see the world as it is, rather than how we have been taught to see it. The Universe is made of Source Energy. One source of energy created, and flows through everything.