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  • Thanks for the Flowers

    alyssum epiphilium eggplant evening primrose blueberry and fuschia a feast for the eyes thanks to the bees, butterflies hummingbirds insects and the gardener Read more

  • A Listen & Be Heard Holiday Shopping Portal

    I remember when I was a kid, my mother spent major time getting around to the department stores to shop for Christmas. She usually came home exhausted, but still planning the next trip to get the things she couldn’t find. Today she does a lot of her shopping on the internet. I can’t say that… Read more

  • Humming Birds, Bees and Me

    We live always in the moment. A delicate balance between flowers and bees keeps the food on the table; we share with humming birds a taste for flowers and the nectar of Gods. It’s best not to ask for more than Nasturtium for Fresh Salad. Read more

  • Vote Local with your Holiday Dollars

    Unfortunately less than 10% of Vallejo’s population voted in the recent local elections. Now I know that Listen & Be Heard readers take their freedom seriously and most of you voted. Right? I’m glad I did, because this mayor’s race will most likely be decided by less than 100 votes. But if you didn’t vote,… Read more

  • Garden Blessings

    Bless this garden with bees, humming birds, butterflies, berries, bounty, family, friends flowers flowing into food for baskets, breads, life. Read more

  • Art, Culture and Diversity

    Answering the question of what art is, and whose it is, will take you on a direct route to the heart of a community. Who makes the choices about what cultural activities will take place? Which artists are celebrated and which ones are ignored? The small communities, neighborhoods and tribes, where everyone would have called… Read more