An Invitation to the Audio Garden

Listen & Be Heard has journeyd from coast to cast as an open mic, a newspaper, a poetry cafe, a podcast and a broadcast. Our next evolution: 24-7 streaming radio and applying for an FCC License in Greenville/Travelers Rest, SC.

Listen & Be Heard Radio provides this exhibit to demonstrate an advancement of an educational program under 73.503(a) of the Rules.

Educational Program:  Listen & Be Heard Radio is devoted to cultural literacy in our local community. We are primarily focused on the written and spoken word, and also the arts in general. We provide a unique service, not offered anywhere else in our region.  Our mixture of in depth interviews with writers and other creators, reviews, poetry, stories, music and other cultural programming is not offered on commercial radio. 

Implementation of Program:  Listen & Be Heard Radio’s educational program implementation would be achieved through the following:

Public Participation:

We already have been publishing a website, and are embarking as a streaming radio station, with the help of volunteers from the community. We are actively designing a training program in order to expand our volunteer base with members of the community in all aspects of radio broadcasting.  This would include community news gathering, engineering, on-air hosting, public affairs, promotions, etc.  

By talking about literature, speaking with local and acclaimed authors about their writing process, introducing all types of books from technical and environmental to fantasy fiction, poetry and memoirs, for people of all ages, we will be contributing to literacy in the community and fostering communication and solutions to local problems. We will also feature cultural programming from other community stations around the country.

Our talk shows are informative. We feature in depth interviews that would never get airtime on commercial stations. We introduce southern authors to the world and writers from around the world to the South. We also feature musicians, and multi-media artists and organizations, and in general will highlight our area’s local talent.

Objectives of the service: 

⦁ To create, develop and promote non-profit, non-commercial community radio for the benefit of the residents of Greenville and Traveler’s Rest.

⦁ Access to information, knowledge & needs for the local community.

⦁ Explore & improve community connection.

⦁ Access to radio broadcasting and radio training skills.

⦁ Developing writers and other creators and providing a platform of expression for local people.

⦁ To promote skills leading to employment.

⦁ Help develop new members of leadership within our community for the private, public, and nonprofit communities benefit, regionally.

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