I’m still a virgin…

Martha Mims at the homestead.

No matter what we have done, or how old we get, we are all virgins. There is always something that we don’t know about and haven’t experienced yet. Many busy mothers that I meet say that they don’t want to cook, and know nothing about growing food, or preserving it. They say they don’t have time and even that they don’t want to know. I used to be that way myself but I keep finding that I have more power than anyone else to make my life better. More often than not those who claim that they have the power are making a buck off me one way or another.

When I was a teenager I used to get terrible stomach aches (and an itchy butt too, to be completely honest.) I discovered when I left home and was making my own food choices, that I felt a lot better when I avoided milk and beef. My embarressment and pain were eliminated by simply refraining. That’s easy and free. I’m not telling anyone else what to do, but I can keep learning all the time about what’s true for me.

 There are plenty of distractions every day that can keep you from doing what’s good for you. But you’re just making excuses because you haven’t learned that you can actually make life a little easier for yourself by establishing habits that benefit you and your children. Wherever you are, however you are managing your home, it’s your homestead and your children will benefit from whatever you do to make it healthy and happy.

We have to eat.  If we are blessed we eat healthy food every day. If you’re not eating healthy food you’ve probabably gone for the trick of convenience, which is not provided for your health but your wealth, in someone else’s pocket. You consume some fast food, then it’s gone like a cheap sensory trick, leaving you overweight, dissatisfied and undernourished.

But I live in a big city, but it’s cheaper to eat out, but I don’t have time! I hear you protest, and I feel you too, cuz I’ve been there. Like me, you probably had sex education in school, but no one handed you information on survival. You can solve an algebra equation and you know about condoms, but don’t know how to prepare a garden bed. You have memories though, and you’ve heard stories, absorbed information, and what you don’t know is freely available to a curious mind.All that you need to do is lose your inhibitions.

 You dream of being queen of your own kitchen at the heart of your happy home. You want to be the mother who keeps her family healthy, the wife who knows how to please the husband who pleases her (or whatever works for you.)   You want to eat what makes you feel good (without too much trouble.)

 You might even want to go all the way and can some food to stash for your family in case the supermarket shelves come up empty, or even grow some food yourself, or keep chickens! There was a time when I didn’t know how to do any of those things and I didn’t know anyone who did either. I’m here to share my virgin experiences with you and hear about yours. We’ve come this far, and there’s no limit to what we can still learn together.


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  1. Tazzie Avatar

    totally agree with you about the lack of knowledge for living life. Here in Australia we have school vegetable growing gardens at nearly all public schools now. I also know community gardens are growing in number in suburbs of the cities, and urban farmers. All positives. Bees in the city give amazing honey as there are so many flowers growing in close proximity. Living on the island state of Tasmania, we get so much of our supplies by boat, and my understanding is that if we had a strike of the workers who move and transport to the boats, (as happened in the 90s ) the major supermarkets here would be out of most supplies in three days.

    1. Martha Mims Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Tazzie. I love to hear about what people do in other places. Having gardens at schools seems like such a sensible thing. A no brainer! Yes, Tasmania, Japan, NYC, islands with lots of people who would be happy to eat their vegetables if that’s all they could find!!! Please stay in touch. Wishing you Peace and Poetry.

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