Catalog of Published Writings and Recordings

Crystal Clear Waters
The Magic Path – Book 2
E-Book ASIN: B077SR52KM
Once there was a tiny fairy named Ladybug living in The Enchanted Forest on Twin Peaks Mountain. Everyone living on the mountain knew that Ladybug spent most of her time at Lake Crystal Clear Waters. But none of them knew why. There was something singularly special about Lake Crystal Clear Waters. Sometimes when she swims in it, she can visit other worlds.
Mark and the Queen Fish
The Magic Path – Book 1
E-book ASIN: B06XSL43ZX Print ISBN-10: 1520850182 ISBN-13: 978-1520850184
A long time ago the people of the seaside city of Mara had everything that they needed, and knew how to talk with the creatures of the sea. But times changed.
Mark only knows what it is like to serve the Inlanders who conquered Mara long before he was born. He is angry that his mother is disrespected, and doesn’t want her to have to work so hard.  Impatient for change, he decides to take action.
American Authors Unplugged Representative of modern American Literature, the conversations with authors  in this book are evenly divided between men and women who bring to life the experiences of natives, immigrants, slaves and rebels. As a whole, they address the enduring themes of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
Dreamscape:Real Dreams Really Make a Difference, a collection of stories and poems about fascinating people whose dreams changed the world.
Second Edition – ISBN print, # 9781631926372,  eBook # 9781631926389.
First Edition – ISBN 0932169023 / 9780932169020 / 0-932169-02-3, Tenth Avenue Editions, 1995
When the Body Callsa collection of poems and stories published by Writers and Readers Inc., 1999,ISBN 0863162797 / 9780863162794 / 0-86316-279-7 with a foreword by Edwin Torres


Word, An Anthology by A Gathering of the Tribes
Paperback: 116 pages Publisher: Gathering of the Tribes (March 30, 2017) ISBN-10: 0998611301 ISBN-13: 978-0998611303
contributed several note poems
“WORD: The Anthology” is the final landmark literary publication by A Gathering of the Tribes, featuring 50 never-before-seen poems by the luminary writers who helped shape the East Village arts & culture organization, including Eileen Myles, Ishmael Reed, Bob Holman, David Henderson, Chavisa Woods, and many more. The volume represents a culmination of A Gathering of the Tribes’ 25 years in the East Village. Each poem is paired with a work of art selected by the featured poet.
Oakland Out Loud Poetry and Prose in Celebration of ‘There’ 
Paperback: 98 pages, Publisher: Jukebox Press (2007), ISBN-10: 0932693172, ISBN-13: 978-0932693174
contributed a poem entitled “when the white spider pounces”
“Dick for a Day”
Paperback: 304 pages, Publisher: Villard; Second Printing edition (February 25, 1997), Language: English ISBN-10: 0679773533, ISBN-13: 978-0679773535
contributed a poem/story entitled “1-800-YOR-DICK” under the pen name Senator Sin to an anthology edited by Fiona Giles and published by Villard Books in the US, UK and Australia, and in translation in Germany and Japan, 1997.
-In a hilarious poem, Senator Sin imagines that by calling the number “1-800-YOR-DICK” she participates in a study in which women are given penises and then report the results (with the poignant coda, “A few/ never returned/ their dicks,/ moved away/ from family/ and friends,/ and are assumed/ to be passing/ as men.”).PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
Live at the Fundbureau – Recorded and mastered by Pinguin in Hamburg, Germany in 1999. – Album, 2017
Two Singles Recorded for Surround Sound by Master Pinguin in Hamburg, Germany, 2002 – “New York City Blues” and “Unnamed Flower”
Living It CD – 1998
Po’azz Yo’azz on Liquid Sound Lounge Records, featuring Martha Cinader, with Sabine Worthmann and Heinrich Koebberling, and bonus tracks with Bobby Vidal, and the legendary pianist Chris Anderson
Living It (The Remixes) (12″) Liquid Sound Lounge, 2000,
Appears On:, Living It (12″) Liquid Sound Lounge, 1999,
Lasting (12″) Liquid Sound Lounge, 1998
When The Body Calls (12″)
Tracks Appear On:
Cannabis Cafe (CD),
Living It (Victor Simonelli Remix)
Ministry (Magazine), 2002
Maxim’s De Paris (2xCD),
Lasting (Acapella), Wagram, 2002
Aphrodisiac (3×12″),
Livin’ It (Victor Simonelli Remix
Universal Music Jazz (France), 1999
Nu Jazz Generation (CD),
Living It, Virgin Schallplatten GmbH, 1998
A Gathering of the Tribes, (web), Dear Pedro, 2016
A Gathering of the Tribes, (Issue 11 – New York City Skyscraper, 2007, Issue 7 – Writers of the Southwest, 1997, Issue 6 – Birds and Guns, 1996)
Visible Verse Festival, Canada 2008, EAT!
Mission of Love- a two act multi-media play in iambic pentameter written and produced by Martha Cinader, and showcased in New York City, starring the Jones Twins as EarthWoman and SpaceWoman, and maybe you too. – 1998
Listen & Be Heard Network Arts News – Publisher/Editor, 2004-2009 (Formerly Listen & Be Heard Weekly)
Listen & Be Heard Weekly – Co-publisher/Managing Editor, print weekly, 6000 copies, 32 pages – 2003-06
Infinite Love Poem – Poetry for Peace and Love, Anthology chapbook, 2003, edited and forward by Martha, commemorating Listen & Be Heard Poetry Marathon at Rafael’s Bar on Feb. 13, 2003. Cover art by Kards1
Environmental Terrorists – Anthology chapbook, 2002, edited and forward by Martha, commemorating Listen & Be Heard No BS! in Vallejo Poetry Marathon on Oct. 24, 2002 at Rafael’s Bar. Cover art by Kards1
Planet AUTHORity – Publisher/Editor – multi-media web magazine – 1998-2003
A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine
Associate Editor print issues five, six and seven.
Clear Lake
A poem included in Issue 5 of Rabbit and Rose, an on-line journal edited by Kim Shuck.
Letter from the Editor– Weekly arts news column for Listen and Be Heard Weekly
“Philipp Reis’s Angel” –
a biography of Philipp Reis, the real inventor of the telephone, written for the Ocean of Knowwebsite at, 1999
“Dating and the Single Parent” – feature article published online by Mix ‘n Matchat, 1997
Tesla Vision,, 1995
written and produced by Martha Cinader for WBAI Radio NY 1991-99
12 episodes of “Marvelina”
8 episodes of “The Monkey King” adapted by Martha Cinader – “The Monkey King” was also aired on Sender Freis, Berlin
Author Interviews –
Martha Cinader speaks with notable authors about their work, their lives, and the world. Some Interviews by Martha: Rudolfo Anaya, Ken Kesey, Russel Banks, Barbara Chase Riboud, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Leonard Shlain, Merlin Stone
RADIO PRODUCTION: Pacifica Radio – 1991-99
Weekly one hour arts magazine
16 episodes of “A. Lincoln” by Todd Alcott
“The House of Miniature Toys” by Ava Chin


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