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a selfie in my spring garden...
a selfie in my spring garden…

Martha Cinader is a writer and recording artist. An  author of several published and unpublished books, she  crosses boundaries between music, print, poetry and storytelling. Currently living in Greenville SC, with her husband and three sons, she blogs about being a virgin homesteader, among other things at Her forthcoming novel, Marvelina, is a fairytale for grown women.
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Martha at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe. Photo by S.N. Jacobson
Martha at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe. Photo by S.N. Jacobson

Martha Cinader is a writer and recording artist. She is the author of several published and unpublished books of poetry and short stories, and a performance artist crossing boundaries between print, music, poetry and storytelling.

Creator of the long running performance series Listen & Be Heard that got started in New York City, she brought it along when she moved to California in 1999. There she met her husband and together they opened L&BH Poetry Café and published the award winning L&BH Arts Weekly. She continues to publish the web version of L&BH Arts News where she invites people to post there arts related announcements and reviews.
Currently living in Greenville SC, with her husband and three sons, she blogs about being a virgin homesteader, among other things at Her forthcoming novel, Marvelina, is a fairytale for grown women.
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At home in the field…

Martha Cinader graduated with honors from The Spence School in New York City in 1980. Fascinated by Jazz and the underground music scene in New York City, she worked as a fashion model and spent a lot of time listening to live music. Her first published piece of writing was an interview with the jazz musician Monty Waters, that was published in The East Villager. She traveled with her partner around Europe for six years, on what could barely be called a circuit of expatriate jazz musicians. Leaving from Munich she returned to New York City with a three year old daughter in 1990.
She was a producer and on-air host for most of the nineties at WBAI Radio 99.5FM where she produced a weekly arts magazine, and also wrote and produced twelve episodes of Marvelina, a science fiction radio drama, and four episodes of Mission of Love, later produced as a two act play written in iambic pentameter at Club Vinyl. She also hosted a weekly arts magazine for which she produced numerous author interviews. Some of them are transcribed in her ebook American Authors Unplugged, available exclusively at
Cinader hosted a weekly performance series called Listen & Be Heard, and developed a repertoire of poetry with music, returning to Europe on a few small tours, and appearing at jazz and poetry festivals in New York and California. Most of that material was recorded on a CD entitled Living It! The title cut, was put out on vinyl, by Liquid Sound Lounge Records, and persists as an underground hit, and is included on several compilations around the world, including Universal Music France.
While hosting the performance series Cinader developed a series of biographical stories about fascinating people in history and was invited to perform them at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Upon her return, the stories were published by Tenth Avenue Editions in a slim volume entitled Dreamscape: Real Dreams Really Make a Difference. The second edition was released in March 2015.
Her second book published is When the Body Calls,  a collection of poetry and fairy tales, and entries in the journal of Senator Sin, was published by Writers and Readers, Harlem River Press in 1999.
She also had a short poem/story published in an anthology called Dick for a Day (Villard Books) under the pen name Senator Sin, that Publisher’s Weekly called “hilarious.”
After growing weary of eviction notices in New York City, she moved to Vallejo, California, located in the bay area, in 1999. She continued Listen & Be Heard there, where she met her future husband. Together they started a newspaper called Listen & Be Heard Weekly that reached a run of 6000 copies of around 40 pages a week, and was distributed around the bay area. They also opened Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe, which became renowned in the area. They ran both businesses for five years, before closing down in 2008, and moving to Greenville, South Carolina in 2009.
Currently gardening, cooking and preserving their own food while raising their three growing boys, Cinader blogs about being a virgin homesteader, among other things, and is available for poetry and storytelling events in the region. Her forthcoming novel Marvelina, is a fairy tale for grown women.


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  1. Vikki Russell Avatar

    Dear Ms. Cinader; So delighted to find your connection on the web, today. Had the pleasure of working with you, when employed by the remarkable Clive Giboire, owner of Tenth Avenue Editions. (Many moons and miles ago). Did design work on your first publication of “Dreamscape”. Now I remember that at the time, you were perched at the beginning of your leap into the unknown of a new home, so different from NYC. Glad to see all went so well. I am the brunette female graphic designer & illustrator, , who was living with a man at 108th & Amsterdam, at the time. We parted a few years later, when I came home to find him bedded down with a large Mexican woman, still wearing her wedding dress & veil. 🙂
    Operatic! I packed my suitcase and flew back to the States. (We were living in Mexico City). Now I live in D.C. again, and am so glad to know you are so well…Last we spoke you were wondering if you could survive a life, outside of NYC…Looks like you did beautifully! All the best, Vikki Russell

    1. Martha Mims Avatar
      Martha Mims

      Vikki, it’s good to hear from you. I hope DC is treating you well. Are you still doing graphic design?

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