Note to ForeMan

Note to ForeMan
i almost took a fall
through the rotting floor,
but i clung to
the crumbling walls
and climbed through a
giant gap in the roof.
i know you won’t.
please don’t call.

Note to Rude

Note to Rude
you come
to your party
with false charm,
doing harm.
you don’t care.
you dare to demand
your desire.
you light a fire,
then take the cake
and leave a fake
phone number.

Note to Tree

Note to TREE
i didn’t know that
i’m here because
your roots
brought me
now you want me
to touch the sky
before i die

Note to Insincerity

Note to Insincerity
i don’t know why i
thought i was special
everyone is bait waiting
and you forget
what you didn’t mean
like it never happened

Note to Hero

Note to Hero
i robbed my solitude
in the light of day
surrendered my right to say
i am me i am free
dread climbed into my bed
when i sighed
you took me for a ride

Note to Whoever

Note to Whoever
said they want to tap that have at
a first crack of purity surety
and sent that girl down the road
tipping on wobbly heels with
squeals of spinning wheels
shady deals touch feel kneel
swallowing hollow pride
to die of shame
playing by the rules at the mercy of fools
like you
maybe one day you too will rue
the error of your ways and
think of something else to say

Note to Shame

relations domination depression negation automation isolation impregnation criminalization civilization menstruation masturbation procrastination penetration inattention inadequate incapable inescapable ignorable ignorant irrelevant irreverent isolated overrated sexuality confinement inprisonment negativity rigidity unworthy unliked unloved unpopular unrepresented uninteresting undeserving unflattering diminishing moralizing paternalizing patronizing bullying bluffing lying cheating stealing grabbing forcing bleeding naming framing ugly deformed dirty dunce clown stupid selfish sinful sex puppetry mimicry gimmickry useless lazy crazy foolish outlandish childish bias rape incest breasts period ridicule confinement imprisonment

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