Morning Light


Good morning Beautiful!

Please make time today to shower yourself in love, and bask in your own fucking awesomeness.

It’s so important to remember that the spark of your Soul is nothing less than Divine Light – the energy and vibration of unconditional love. You feel MOST at home when you you offer unconditional love to yourself, and others. Offering yourself unconditional love is the most important thing you can do to create healing in the world, and in your own life!

Bathe in the Light of your inner being. Remind yourself every day how infinitely amazing you are. Choose reminders that feed your energy, and connect you to your own inner Light!

I am Source energy. I am Goddess. I am Divine Light.
How could I possibly be less than perfect?

I am enough. I am worthy. I am powerful. I am the power that creates galaxies. I am kind and compassionate. I am clever and creative. I am intentional in my choices. I am aligning with my own healthy intentions. I am love. 

I am perfectly human and NOTHING has gone wrong even when I feel out of balance, or off track.

I am fucking awesome!

Showering myself in unconditional love releases resistance and allows everything I am wanting to flow to me with EASE!

I am so WORTH the time it takes to shine the light of the Universe upon myself in adoring ways every morning. It lifts me up, helps me feel good, energizes me by raising my vibe, and improves everything that I choose to do!

Play with the light each morning in ways that FEEL good to you!

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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