Rolling Lumpia in Filipino American History Month–North Carolina


In North Carolina the hush puppies are deep fried
as is the fish and the okra comes from deep in the
earth with a texture that brushes softly into memory

And it is October
Filipino American History month

Not too many Filipinos
in this area

Just me and a handful of others

And in a black church we celebrate

We have lumpia wrappers
lumpia filling

and spoons to capture feelings,
moon’s memory over deep waters,

and this is a black church,
a temple

I see the black hands of
the brothers and sisters, sons and
daughters of NC, of Africa

Hands that plucked pain from
the darkest rivers like stars and
gave us the blues, jazz

black hands that navigated
water, sky and mountain
and gave us

These black hands roll
and shape lumpia

black hands becoming
Filipino hands, fingers

on a day in

celebrating Filipino American
History Month

I watch,
beholding the

that built pyramids

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