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The Medium is the Message.

In our first hour Tony speaks with reverence to his elder, poet, prose writer, historian, teacher, Oscar Peñaranda, author of the forthcoming mixed-genre book Follower of the Seasons, by Eastwind Books. The conversation is mixed up just a little bit with some spoken word from Tony, who will be reading from and signing his new book, Thriftstore Metamorphosis, by Redhawk Publications, on October 14 at The Buzz in Hendersonville, NC. And… some more spoken word from DJ Jeannie Hopper. In the second hour I speak with Sharon M. Scott author of Low Power FM for dummies, on Wiley, which has come out just in time for non-profit and tribal organizations to file for an FCC license during a one week window in November. And… a little story at the end to honor the inventor of radio


Oscar Peñaranda was born in Barugo, Leyte and left for Manila at the age of five and as he turned 12, left Manila for Vancouver, Canada and then at 17 moved on to San Francisco, California where he has more or less stayed for the last 55 years. His stories and poems and essays have been anthologized both nationally (in the U.S.) and internationally. In 1980, his play Followers of the Seasons was performed by the Asian American Theater Company in San Francisco. He is the author of Full Deck, Jokers Playing, a collection of poems (T’boli Press, San Francisco, 2004) and Seasons by the Bay (T’boli, 2004), a novel in stories. Seasons by the Bay won the best fiction for 2004 for the Global Filipino Literary Award, an organization based in Singapore, Paris, and Washington, D.C. It also won an award for best fiction for PAWA (Philippine American Writers and Artists) for 2005 and Full Deck won the Poetry category. He has been an educator for 40 years and has taught In Universities and Colleges for 15 years, in Middle School for 10 years and High School for 15 years. He has taught, influenced, and inspired several generations of Filipinos, Filipino Americans, as well as non-Filipinos, students, educators, and the general public.


Sharon M. Scott is the Co-Founder and General Manager of ART FM / WXOX 97.1 FM Louisville, a noncommercial radio station committed to providing access to the airwaves for creative and experimental use. Scott’s radio-advocacy has been covered by sources such as The New York Times, The Hill, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Low Power FM For Dummieswalks you through the key steps you need to take to establish, manage, and help run one of these hyper-local broadcast operations.

Spoken Word:

The Last Dance with that Moon, by Tony Robles and Equipto

“Electric Skies” by Dana Bryant is from her one and only album, “Wishing From the Top” released on Warner Brothers Records circa 1996.  It was a moment in time that the grassroots poetry scene around New York emerged into the mainstream including on MTV.  The emergence inspired Russell Simmons to create Def Poetry Jam. Culling poets from this rich scene, Def Jam Poetry toured around the world bringing spoken word artists to greater exposure.

“Recycled” by Everton Sylvester & Searching for Banjo, a dub poet most known from the band Brooklyn Funk Essentials.  Both selections come from his full length album “Trial Separation”.  He’s been compared to Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson 

The Day My sister was on television. By Michelle Serros on Chicana Falsa.

The Blind Poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti live at the Poetry Center.

“Running” by Ursula Rucker and produced by Tomasz Guiddo, released on KID Recordings.  Ursula Rucker is a spoken word artist from Philadelphia who’s collaborated with King Britt, 4hero, Incognito and The Roots to name a few.  Critics have compared her to Sonia Sanchez and Nikki Giovanni.

Radio Free Alcatraz by Shaun Girling

Tesla Vision by Martha Cinader

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