Change Your Point of View!


Walk around the block. Go to the park. Visit a museum. Sit on the beach. Take a trip. Survey a new city. Enjoy a tour. Vacation! Explore another country. Have a cultural adventure.

Do something to wreck the existing perspective and see something in a NEW way. If something is bothering you, stop looking at it, or find a different way to look at it.

Humans often get blindly devoted to one point of view, and forget that we always have more than one way of looking at things. If we were raised with a certain belief or bias, it’s easy to believe that belief is true for everyone, yet that is rarely the case.

Practice looking at things through others’ viewpoints. You certainly don’t have to adopt those viewpoints, but you may find some of them surprisingly refreshing.
We can shift perspectives by shifting our energy. We can do that by moving our body, changing the thoughts we think, or geographically changing the physical point from which we view. Any shift in energy can shift perspective!

Breathing is a superpower. Changing the pattern of our breath can change our physical and emotional state. Anxiety has a pattern of quick, shallow breathing, while peace and tranquility have a slow, deep breathing pattern. Play with changing your breathing pattern to see how it affects you.

We can shift perspectives by shifting our thoughts. Changing our thoughts is what changes our emotions. If you do not like the emotions you are currently experiencing, I invite you to play with new patterns of thinking. If you add the lens of awareness and discover that your thought patterns tend toward negative, play with finding more positive perspectives. It takes practice, but you’re worth the effort!

Moving the body is an amazing way to shift perspectives. Our body was built for movement and lack of it stagnates our energy. Stuck perspectives are often associated with this stagnant energy. Moving our body releases the stagnation, freeing us up to shift perspectives if we choose to do so.

Checking out some new geography and exploring a different city, or culture is a fabulously fun way to shift perspective! Through travel we get the opportunity to see some other available perspectives, as well as time and space to develop some new perspectives of our own!

(author in Trogir, Croatia)

I truly hope you take every opportunity to try on new perspectives and reexamine old ones occasionally to see if they still serve your current values.

Wishing you Energized Thriving!

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