The PERFECT Diet for Every Body


There is no one perfect diet right for every person on the entire planet.
Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

With the vast wealth of contradictory information about what we “should” be eating from intermittent fasting to grazing all day, from high fat to non fat, from Adkins to vegan, and the myriad alternative options between these diametrical opposites, what exactly is one supposed to eat? Where do we turn for accurate information? Who is the authority of what is right and good, healthy, and nourishing for every body?

Every body.

Your body knows exactly what’s right for you, as mine knows precisely what’s right for me.

The problem we encounter is when we aren’t “in” our body when we eat. In American culture, we often eat while doing other things, so our mind is somewhere else besides the interactions between our food and body. If we want to figure out what foods are RIGHT for us – which foods nourish our body, and which foods deplete our energy, or cause unwanted symptoms – we need to be in our body and paying attention when we eat.

Get back in your body before taking a bite! Take a nice deep grounding breath, and allow yourself to arrive at your meal before digging in. Slow down and be present with your food. Once you’re present in your body, you’ll be able to hear more clearly what it’s saying. 

Our body tells us when we’re hungry, when we’re satisfied, and how our health is affected by the foods we eat. It takes some practice to be present with our food and body, but once we are, the awareness follows easily. Our inner wisdom is always available when we slow down and tap in.

I invite you to slow down with your meals, be present to your food and body, play with whatever eating options appeal to you, and choose foods that feel vital, and  nourishing when you eat them. 

This is how we discover the perfect food plan that will nourish our body and leave us feeling amazing, healthy, happy, and vibrant every day of our life!

Wishing you energized thriving!

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