Chelsey Clammer, Darren Todd


Trauma and Horror

Martha Cinader hosts live at WPVM in Asheville, NC, with interviews and spoken word. Co-produced and hosted by Tony Robles.

Writer Laurie Stone joins Listen & Be Heard as a contributor with commentary on images of women in publishing and popular culture.

Chelsey Clammer

Martha speaks live in the WPVM studio with with Chelsey Clammer author of the book of essays Human Heartbeat Detected.

“In Human Heartbeat Detected, Chelsey Clammer’s innovative and gripping essay collection, trauma lives side-by-side with possibility. Lives are fractured, yes—by assault, abuse, self-harm, mental illness, suicidal acts—but, as the narrator reminds us, “fractured is better than shattered.” Like trauma, which “isn’t a linear experience” but rather “loops,” Clammer’s essays bend and twirl and spiral and twist, transforming pain into art.” –Rebecca McClanahan, author of In the Key of New York City: A Memoir in Essays and The Tribal Knot: A Memoir of Family, Community, and a Century of Change.

Darren Todd

Tony Robles speaks with Darren Todd , author of the horror book The Ugly Mug. With more than forty publications, Darren Todd’s short stories have peppered the horror, sci-fi, and literary scene for the last fifteen years. For the first time, several of his previously published works have come together in a single collection, The Ugly Mug, with tales hand-picked by the author and the original story, “The Hounds of Hellville,” written just for this volume.

Spoken Word by:

Martha Cinader – Living It – Nu Jazz Generation, The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – The Winter Of The Long Hot Summer – Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury, Lord Buckley – Gettysburg Address –Royal Best Of, Carol Emanuel – This Is Only America – Tops of Trees (Harp) 

Theme Music, Living It!, Original soundtracks, Jay Rodriguez Sierra

Listen & Be Heard Podcast, Episode 18
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