Suzy Sureck, Fiely Matias, Zap Mama, Tracie Morris

martha cinader
Multi-media artist Suzy Sureck, children’s author Fiely Matias, spoken word by Zap Mama, Tracie Morris
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Martha Cinader speaks from Greenville, SC with Suzy Sureck in Hudson Valley, New York, about her multi-media installation Tread Lightly, which combined music created by the vibrations of tree roots, poetry, art and movement. Tony Robles speaks from Hendersonville, NC with Fiely Matias in Los Angeles, CA, about his book Reebee, dedoo, dada. Spoken word from Zap Mama and Tracie Morris.

Suzy Sureck is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary artist whose sculptural installations, videos and drawings involve physical and metaphoric qualities of wind, water, light, shadow, and the poetics of luminosity. Suzy draws with light to create experiential ecologically considered immersive root projections, underwater installations, or aquatic interactive dance performances. Cross-pollinating disciplines, she merges technology and traditional media to bring nature’s wisdom to audiences experientially through audio, video, text, and image.

Fiely Matias is the author of Reebee dedoo dada, Redhawk Publications, a story of song and the freedom to be oneself! Reebee, dedoo, dada is a book about bullying and how it takes a village to beat one.

Zazzie is a jazzy cat who loves to sing, and sing she does!
But Rex the Rate cannot sing, and if he can't, neither will anyone else!
Only REX will sing!
Poor Zazzie, whose coat is usually a bright green, suddenly becomes BLUE without her music and expression.

Featured Spoken Word: Zap Mama, from A Ma Zone, Tracie Morris, from United States of Poetry
Theme Music, Living It!, Original soundtracks, Jay Rodriguez Sierra, Sound Doctor, Dan Klink

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