Sebastian Matthews, Jennifer McGaha, Jacqueline Ramos

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Martha Cinader speaks with Sebastian Matthews, author of Travelogue, A Photographic Journey, with unforgettable images taken by his stepfather Charter Weeks about how to look at, and write about photographs and how the photographer is part of the photo. Tony Robles speaks with Jennifer McGaha, author of Flat Broke with Two Goats about how and why, and the challenges of writing a memoir. Spoken word from Jacqueline Scott Ramos and music from King I.

Sebastian Matthews is the author of the memoir In My Father’s Footsteps (W.W. Norton & Co.) as well as two collections of poetry, We Generous and Miracle Day, both published by Red Hen Press. A third collection, Beginner’s Guide to a Head-on Collision, came out from Red Hen Press in 2017. Along with Stanley Plumly, Matthews is the co-editor of three volumes: The Poetry Blues: Essays and Interviews of William Matthews (University of Michigan Press), Search Party: The Collected Poems of William Matthews (Houghton Mifflin), a runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize, and New Hope for the Dead: Uncollected Matthews (Red Hen Press).

Born out of the pandemic, Travelogue: A Photographic Journey—a collaboration between writer and photographer, father and son—features nearly 80 of Charter Weeks’ amazing photographs alongside my “takes” on them.

Jennifer McGaha is a public speaker and the author of two celebrated creative nonfiction books, Flat Broke with Two Goats and Bushwhacking: How to Get Lost in the Woods and Write Your Way Out.
A native of Appalachia, Jennifer lives in a wooded North Carolina hollow with her husband, two cats, three unruly dogs, ten relatively tame dairy goats, and an ever-changing number of hens.

Jacqueline Scott Ramos is a poet, educator, movement worker, and public health researcher, born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission district—with roots birthed in the Philippines, Mississippi, the Chickasaw Nation, and Spain. Her life purpose is anchored in the Creator, the ancestors, her Mother, and commUNITY—the four pillars that sustain and preserve her hope to believe and fight for a reimagined just world that lifts collective liberation of all oppressed people.

King I Music is a conscious Reggae and Dancehall artist and producer. His musical origins are deeply rooted in his early upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, and a diverse range of popular music that he was exposed to while growing up in an urban US neighborhood. Follow King i Music

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