One Thing


Just do one thing at a time. It’s a mantra I repeat to myself frequently. I’m a busy human, and I tend to try to do too much at the same time. I’m thinking ahead to errands while I do house chores. I enter a room doing one task, switch to another and get sidetracked.

I catch myself leaving something half done to go do something else. That’s when I take a deep breath and remind myself aloud, “Just do one thing at a time.” It feels like permission to come back into the moment instead of running ahead into the next thing that needs doing.

Just do one thing at a time.

I frequently give my clients the same permission. When women decide it’s time to commit to releasing extra weight, or patterns of behavior that are not serving their health, we often think we need to do it ALL. Now. Yesterday!  

When we try to do all the new things, and end up dropping the ball when it’s too much, we proclaim ourselves failures and quit trying at all.

It’s perfectly fine, even wise, to do just one thing at a time!

If we want to make sweeping changes, taking just one step and trying it out – for days or weeks – before adding the next change creates confidence, and becomes a solid foundation on which to add the next change and increase our confidence.

Some people thrive under pressure and manage to accomplish quite a lot with an all-or-nothing approach, and that’s great. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I would love for you to give yourself permission to focus on just one thing, the piece that feels most doable or most important right now, and start there. You will build on your success! Other changes will come, and feel easier because we focused on just doing one thing.

I wish you the courage and faith to do just one thing at a time!

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