Virtuous Spells Love

The Hendersonville Main library celebrated National Reading month on March 4th with an event that included great songs by the performer Virtuous, whose rhymes, rhythms and energetic personality got the crowd of kids and parents moving to the music and taking in her message that children should read, read, and read! Tony Robles read from his children’s book, Lakas and the Manilatown Fish, which celebrates its 20th year of publication. The kids laughed and enjoyed the journey of the magical fish in the story as well as learning a few Filipino words along the way.

The children also gathered to take part in a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of a mini library at Green Meadows Community in Sullivan Park, where community members can both donate and obtain books. The event was organized by Crystal Cauley, founder of the Black History Collective of Henderson County and the Black Business Network of Western North Carolina. Other speakers included Judy Bonner of Exploring Diversity Through Literature, and representatives from Literacy Connection, Smart Start Partnership for Children and Children and Family Resource Center.

Tony Robles Speaks with Virtuous on March 3, 2023, at the National Reading Month Event in Hendersonville, NC

Crystal Cauley interacts with children at the Hendersonville Library for a National Reading Month Event.

Virtuous sings an original song about reading for the event…



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  • Glenis Redmond, Poet Laureate of Greenville, SC
    Tony Robles sat down to talk with Glenis Redmond, the first poet laureate of Greenville, SC on Sunday, March 26. They had a wide-ranging conversation about Greenville, the Carolinas, writing, her books and her plans as the poet laureate.
  • i am not you
    we be free do you see what i free not be you see i what free be me
  • wrong
    all for naught fraught with care don’t be where you knot belong
  • Overheated Heart
    I see the smoke in your car for a long time, the younger one says They get ouf of the truck and tell me to pop the hood
  • to belong
    i know i go i flow i see i free i me part of whole a soul
  • Shame Game
    he covers her cage with his rage, takes her song, tells her she’s wrong, weak, shouldn’t speak. she waits long for dawn.
  • Good morning
  • Children in the Caribbean and Tribes in New York
    Martha Cinader speaks with Opal Palmer Adisa in Jamaica, author of Pretty Like Jamaica, published by Caribbean Reads. Martha also speaks with author Chavisa Woods, Executive Director of A Gathering of the Tribes in New York City. Tony Robles reads poetry from Issue 16 of A Gathering of the Tribes Magazine.
  • good morning
    one little muscovy
  • he chose me
    fresh with still-wet hair spit on my pubescent idea of fair, a wad on my head to add to my dread that he might lash out about a girl as wrong as a protest song
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