Remembering Goodie’s Greetings

Cleven Goudeau was a prolific artist and a mentor and friend to Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe and Listen & Be Heard Arts News.

It’s fitting to remember Goodie, as everyone in Vallejo called Cleven Goudeau, during Black History Monty on Valentine’s Day, since his greeting cards were surely a hot item in their time. He also loved to do caricatures. We did an exhibition of them at the cafe. You can see one of the young H.E.R. among others in the picture above. I remember T.J. spending time with Goodie and documenting his career back in those days. He is still devoted to the task. The above video trailer gives you a little window into the man. Perhaps you would like to get involved in completing this film. We still love you Goodie!

Trailer for the film “Goodie, Outlining an Invisible Man”

“When was the first time you ever bought a black card? Chances are it was mine.”

Cleven “Goodie” Goudeau (1932-2015) was a talented painter and cartoonist, art director, and the creator of the first African American greeting card line in the United States in the 1960s. Goodie’s friend, and film Director TJ Walkup, follows Goodie through New York City and Oakland, California, discussing the successful greeting card line that made history.

This project is currently seeking funding and dedicated partnerships to complete and distribute the film. For more information and to become involved in the project, please contact TJ Walkup at 

Directed by TJ Walkup, Omnific Pictures

Edited by Brent Jones, Jacquie Schnable, TJ Walkup, and Christina Walkup
Sound by Seth Worden, Damon LaRose, Whitney Alves, and Angela Hertzberg
Special Thanks to Yvonne C. Pond, Cynthia and Scott Mildram, Morrie Turner, Jeanette, Cleven and the entire Goudeau Family, The Oak Leaf, and The City of Oakland

Please participate. Say something about this and be heard.

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