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I really do want to do a live streaming podcast from Listen & Be Heard, and one day in the not-to-distant future, I will. But, I’ve decided to start with pre-recording them and work my way up to that. So, the first one is almost in the can and will be available very, very soon.

I’m an improviser. Everyone has told me to write it down, plan it out, but I just wanna get started and learn as I go. That’s how I operate and I’ve come to recognize and accept that. Plans are fine, but things rarely work out the way we plan anyway, and the thing is, everything is already happening.

Communication is imperative. Now is the time for all of us to grasp that we have it in our hands to restore our soil, protect our water, cool the climate and love each other. It is the job of poets and writers and singers and artists and creative people of all kinds to bring that message to popular culture or life on Earth will continue without us. People.

I watch and listen to a lot of lectures and conferences by people on the cutting edge of soil science, water cycles and climate change. They are amazing, intelligent and possessed of the information we need to change our climate by protecting our water and rebuilding biology not only in our soil but in our guts. They are hugely important people, but not entertainers. There’s a need to translate the message in terms that we can all understand.

I have been communicating with souls who have crossed my path in New York City, Los Angeles, South Carolina, North Carolina, Berlin and Belgium, inviting them to participate in creating a tapestry of voices, community culture. You will hear conversations with authors about new books and old books too, plenty poetry and talk about food sovereignty. Food is culture. Culture is food.

So that’s what you can expect. That’s the plan. Until then please enjoy what is already being offered at Listen & Be Heard. I want to welcome our newest columnist, Tony Robles, who is doing interviews and poetry. Cyndi Combs is a life coach in the Bay Area who is offering some very helpful pointers on enjoying life in her column Lighten Up! Amanda Capps is an editor. Her column, Letters from an Editor will give you insight into how those very special people think. Also on board is the sound man helping me produce the podcast, Dan Klink, who is a podcaster in his own right.

And what about you? Would you like to contribute? Please do.

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