But how am I going to do that thing?

At the moment, the Who is me, paving a road for others to follow and find a welcome sign.

Where is ListenAndBeHeard.net, a home for podcasters and columnists to shed light in the world, own their content and participate in a shared rotating ad scheme that only runs ads created by said podcasters and columnists.

What I want is a live podcast that I can mix myself, have the ability to do phone call interviews from, and archive each episode at Listen & Be Heard, which is run on WordPress software.

Because, if you want to know why. I need to communicate, to listen to writer’s words, to be heard by people who are searching for meaning and connection, like me.

But how am I going to do that thing? Live radio used to feel like improvisation to me. There was the engineer at the board, (who was never me,) the host, the live guests and other content mixed in. I would like to have an engineer (anyone interested in volunteering?) but for now it’s going to be me mixing a live show, learning the tech necessary to pull it off, and creating a space to do that in. I have a friend who told me a mutual friend uses a rich video program called OBS for his podcast. I hope to get him to walk me through that to see if it would apply in my situation.

So I have much to learn to pull this off, but what is life without learning? While I deliberate on hardware, software and servers, (please make your recommendations, if you have any, in the comments below) I am also making my wish list of authors to interview. Based on my reading of the last few months it would definitely include Didi Pershouse, Robin Wall Kimmerer and Joy Harjo, off the top of my head. Please feel free to make your own suggestions.

I’ll get back to y’all soon with a progress report…

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