Giving Thanks Every Day

Most of us are keenly aware of what we want. More money, better health, improved relationships, new car, bigger house, etc. Whatever it is that we want, the reason we want it is because we know it will feel good to have “that” whatever it is.

One of the best ways to attract what we want, is to appreciate what we already have because – as I have said numerous times – energy attracts like energy. If we find things to complain about, the Universe brings us more to complain about.

Find things to appreciate, and the Universe brings more to appreciate!

If I am wanting to manifest a new car, I appreciate everything about the car I am driving. I love the ease of getting where I need to go. I love the fact that the defroster works really quickly. I appreciate that it’s fast and easy to get an oil change. I admire how effective the brakes and lubrication systems function. Whatever I can say that is positive, I’m going to focus on that!

My hot water heater is often at the top of any appreciation lists I create, along with my roof, my walls, my blankets, my flannel sheets, and my cozy, comfy bed.

Whether we choose to verbally affirm all the good that flows into our lives, write gratitude lists, pages of appreciations, or books of positive aspects, expressing appreciation for everything we want invites more of THAT, and other things that feel like THAT!

When I have a green light on my way across town, I say:

Yes please – more of this!

When I see flowers blooming, red or golden autumn trees, amazing clouds, or a glorious sunset I say:

Thank you, thank you. More please!

When someone does something that makes me and others feel good, and I want to encourage them to repeat the behavior, I say: 

Thank you! I appreciate you.

When a moment in my life brings me joy, I slow the fuck down and BE in it! I allow it to expand and nourish me. I savor it and say:

Yes! This is why I am here. THANK YOU!
Much more of THIS please!

I write a few words each week that I hope may lift the vibration of those who choose to read them.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my words! Thank you.

Wishing you an abundance of appreciation, and a million reasons to celebrate, and give thanks daily!

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