Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Don’t let others dull your sparkle!

It’s easy to do if we take things personally. It’s easy to let the behavior of others affect our energy, or our own behavior, unless we are committed to standing in the light, our own light – the light of God. If others do or say something and we choose to let that make us feel unworthy, or less-than in some way, it dims our light, and makes us doubt the Truth of who we are. 

The words and actions of others are a reflection of their world, and their perspective, and have nothing to do with us. If they are having trouble letting their inner light shine, of course the world can seem a dark place. 

When we remember that at our core we are Divine light, we are Source energy, we are the power of All that Is, and we let that light shine, not only do their words and actions not bother us, but we also give them an example of what it is to let their inner light shine. Shining our light invites others to do the same!

We lead by example, and we follow examples that evoke lightness within us. We follow the light.

Look for those who are lighting the way.

Follow their example.

Be the light for someone else!

Wishing you a lighthouse to guide you, and a torch to hold aloft!

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  1. Thank you Cyndy it’s exactly what I needed to hear today and it’s absolutely true. I am going to follow this guidance to the best of my ability and see if it makes a change in my personal relationships.

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