Hate Release = Weight Release

The world perspective would have us believe that to be worthy, a body must look a certain way. We are taught to judge bodies that do not look that way, and to judge ourselves unworthy and unlovable if our own body does not look that way. 

If our body does not fit cultural standards for beauty and acceptance because we feel we are carrying excess body fat, it is commonplace to hate our body. 

Weight hate is most toxic when aimed at self.

If you hate yourself because you’re carrying extra pounds, that’s a much bigger issue than the extra pounds! It is impossible to hate ourselves throughout a weight loss journey and expect an outcome of self love. We want to embrace a journey driven by self love.

If you want someone to change and it’s hard for them, hating them doesn’t help them change! Yelling at them, pointing to their shortcomings, shaming and blaming them does NOT help them change.

Loving them, honoring them, respecting them, showing them you’re on their team – that can inspire someone to change. Our body is no different!

Our body is our best friend!

Our body has been with us since birth, has breathed every breath for us, has handled every heartbeat since our heart began beating. We have never had a more important ally.

If our best friend is carrying an extra 5, 10, 50 pounds, do we hate her? Do we shame and belittle her? Hound her food choices? Tell her she better NOT enjoy that ice cream? That she looks fat in her pants?

Fuck. No.

That is no way to treat a friend, and you deserve better! We want our body to be a shame free zone so it’s a nicer place to live! We want to own our body, as it is, perceived imperfections and all.

Owning our body means we can understand it better, move it better, hear it’s feedback better.

If we choose to own our body as it is, we can love it into change!

“Yeah, this may not be the perfect body for me, but let me just love it. Let me get in it and move it, care for it, touch it, listen to its feedback, pay for some health services, feed it nourishing foods.”

That’s when change can begin! That’s how we release what we perceive as excess weight, we own and love the body we are already in!

I understand that this is not a mainstream approach to weight release, but how well has a mainstream approach worked for you so far?

I encourage everyone to try a healthy dose of self-love!

What do you have to lose?

I wish you ABUNDANT self love, wellbeing, and lightness.

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